late night

hey! wow...today has been an exhausting day!! my husband and i got to go see Dave Matthews Band in concert last night! my best friend was able to get us seats in about the 20th row!!! it was so stinking exciting! i used to go to his concerts when i was in high school and my first year of college...a girl that i was best friends with in high school and i would travel around the country, specifically to see DMB in concert...it was a blast...but i hadn't seen him in about 6 years! but when he walked out on stage...all that excitement came right back...i felt like i was in high school again!! AND, guess who was sitting in the same row as me...about 10 seats down?? yup, my best friend from high school...the same girl that i traveled with all over the country to see him play!! isn't that crazy?? we haven't seen each other for about 2 years, and i looked over last night, and there she was, jamming to Dave...i ran over there and we both freaked out! it was so much fun to have her there! it brought back tons and tons of fun memories...all in all, we saw dave about 15 times in about a 4 year period...we were what you call "dave-heads!" nerds, yes, i know!
so, that was my exciting night...but of course, we didn't get home until super later, and all 3 of our kiddos decided to not sleep well last night...doesn't that always happen?? so, my 3 year old is super cranky today and he's being super mischievous...gotta love those 3 year olds...i decided to occupy them so i could lay on the couch for about 30 minutes, to "rest my eyes"...so, i turned a movie on, gave them snacks and crayons and coloring books...and of course, when i'm done resting, i awake to my 3 year old coloring on everything but his coloring book...he knows better than that, which is why i was fine giving them crayons in the first place...ahhhhh! let's just say that we won't be coloring for a very long time in the anderson household!
well, okay, so that is my day thus far...it should get better...i'm about to go take a nap, for real this time! here is a card i was able to make the other night...for a friend's baby shower gift. i am loving the notched corners on the paper these days...i think i stole that idea from beate's site.
okay all, have a great day! thanks for stopping by!!

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