might as well...jump.

remember that song?
looooved it.
anyways, the WIP kit this month is fab-u-lous.
and i realize i probably say that every month, but it seriously just gets better and better each time.
i am one lucky girl.
here's a mini i did with the fabulous schtuff.
if you keep up with my family blog, you may remember these jumping pictures we took on my bday last month.
i loved all the pictures, but didn't want to make like 3 layouts with them all, so i made it into a mini.
here ya go.

everything but the flower and white and chocolate card stock is from the kit (the other stuff is prima and prism).
well, i hope you are having a fabulous long weekend.
thanks to the people who "did it" on new years eve...so that we can have a "labor day" holiday 9 months later.
is that why we have this holiday?
probably not, but it's fun to think about it like that!


getting crafty with it.

here's a few peeks into my newly cleaned art space.
the whole sha-bang.

these are jars from IKEA...the smaller ones are like 4 for 2 bucks and that big cookie jar was like 3 bucks.

these bowls warm my heart and soul.
found them at a garage sale a few months back.

my button vase.
in a brown vase that i got when hadley was born.

found this old coke bottle and that wooden cake stand at the thrift store a few weeks back!
love them!

here's another full on shot :)
i have a high table because i'm always standing when i work.
table and shelves are from IKEA (that's the beauty of having IKEA 20 minutes away...everything you own ends up from there :) )

i've recycled baby food jars...
i use them to store alphabet pieces that don't have a home.
the first jar holds any "A-D" letters, second jar holds "E-H" and so on.

my basket that houses all my alphabets...
there are too many in there.

i got these free at the exchange keith's work had a while back...i LOVE them.
they are true little treasures for me.
i thought about painting them, but decided that i liked the colors together.
they hold various embellishments and chipboard that i've gotten.
i love my space.
it's the perfect size, and it's right in our bedroom (our room is split into an office/art area and bedroom on the other side).
the kids can be playing upstairs in the playroom while i work.
or, i have that other table set up, so they can sit and create some stuff too, if they'd like.
anyways, i try to keep my "stuff" that i own to a minimal, because i can't handle having too much stuff.
i would say that right now, i have too much stuff.
be on the look out for another give-a-way coming soon!
have a fab day friends.


i know, i know...it's been a while.

i am severely lacking in having anything crafty to post.
well, i take that back.
i have stuff, but i just can't post it yet, cause it's for september schtuff.
so, i'll just post a picture of my son.
sure to get you smiling.
man, the kid can pick deep, eh?

i re-organized my crafty area yesterday.
i've been collecting some bowls and jars and such from the thrift store, and i finally put them to good use.
maybe i'll take some pictures of that and post them.
sounds like a plan.
k, ta-ta for now.


a double pager.

hey hey friends.
a quick 2 pager for you...
(you can click on the picture to enlarge it).
i used a becky higgins sketch for this one...i'm normally not a huge fan of those sketches, cause they seem so plain to me, but i was able to add embellishments, where a photo would be, so i think that spruced it up a bit.

this was a fun night...me, keith, allyson and matt all went to the so you think you can dance tour last year!
holy moley.
it was so fun!
this was us being super goofy before the show.
i love these pictures.
anyways, we are still here and kicking...fay, is still here too. we have had non stop rain for 2 1/2 days...and last night starting at about 1:00, the rain just came down so hard...and it didn't stop until this morning, about 30 minutes ago.
i thought we were going to be blown or washed away.
some places have it so bad though...one place to the east of us has gotten at least 25 inches of rain!
can you believe that?
they are flooded big time, and the worst part...the snakes, alligators and wildlife are all coming up into the flood waters.
hopefully the rain stops soon!



hey ya'll--just wanted to give a plug for the work in progress blog...the blog is having it's first birthday tomorrow, so trish is giving away a WIP kit!!
go HeRe and leave a comment for your chance to win one of her fabulous kits!!
you have until tomorrow (thursday)...
have fun!
i'll be back later...


when i'm bored...

...i scrapbook.
if i'm lucky and the kids are taken care of :)
here's a few pages i did in the past couple of days...
lots of goodies from happy mail.

i wish i knew how to take better photos of my layouts.
actually, i feel like i can take decent photos of my layouts...it's just the color that never turns out right.
any suggestions?
well, gotta run...
we're getting ready for fay to grace us with her presence.
later friends!


go and run...

...over to work in progress and get their september kit!! seriously friends, i got mine in the mail today and holy crow. it's fabulous.
i'll be working on some schtuff tonight with it.

hope you're having a fab weekend...we're being super lazy...although today, we did head over to chick-fil-a so i could get a milkshake...my fave. (thanks for the giftcard amy!)
peace, eM


no title.

the prompt this week at the art is found is to use your old sewing patterns...i had a couple ideas floating around in my head, when i heard this prompt, but this is the one i ended up going with.
i cut out the 4 model women and stuck them on my page...i love how it turned out.
and okay, i totally got the idea from someone (and i can't for the life of me, remember who...if it's you, tell me so i can give you the proper credit!!) edited--it was the fabulous miss mandi who's page i saw! she so did not want the credit, but i'm giving it to her anyways! thanks girl!...anyways, what i saw was someone who cut their subjects out and then painted a background, like i did...i stored that in my brain for a while, just waiting to use it...and now i can't remember where i got it from...buehler, buehler?

anywho...go and run over to the art is found and play along!


to my happy mail partner.

clearly...my kiddos LOVED their masks that they got to paint!!
they say a huge THANK YOU for those!!!

and holy crow.
look at this goodness.
ya'll...the best happy mail partner EVER, sent this beauty of a package to me yesterday.
for real.
i was instantly inspired to go and create and i made 3 pages right after i ripped open this box!
and look at that cute bag...oh yes. melissa (aka my happy mail partner) makes these babies...and sells them in her etsy shop!

and now, i owe a huge apology to her because i must be considered the lamest happy mailer ever! she got stuck with someone who rarely makes it to the post office.
i so don't deserve this happy mail goodness, but i am soooo thankful for it!
thanks for the happiness melissa!!
(and don't forget, that yours is a coming).


good reads.

for the art is found, the prompt was to use a photo for your title...it could be a real photo, or a magazine photo...i opted for the magazine route.
i had this picture in my "inspo" folder, and i thought it would be perfect for this prompt.
just a little layout about my favorite books this summer.
the twilight series.
all those other goodies are fun stuff that i've been getting for happy mail.
seriously...happy mail is so fun!
and some people have asked about my blog and how i did it on scrapblog...if you have specific questions, you can email me at emilymaeanderson(at)gmail(dot)com.
i don't know where to begin, when explaining all that, so if you are stuck on something over there, then email me and i can try to help you out!
have a good monday.
those words just don't seem like they go together (good, monday).


a real quick page i did the other day.
i got lots of happy mail goodies for my birthday, so i used some of them on this page...
and really random, but i'm so into corner rounding again.
ugh, i almost threw away my corner rounder a few years ago.
good thing i kept it!
whatcha all think of the new blog look?
thanks to scrapblog, i've changed things around a bit...i'm sure i'll be changing them again in a month!
be back later.



over at CMK, i'm hosting the "monday muse" challenge.
my challenge to you is to make a layout using a magazine photo.
i'm often inspired by pictures i see in my favorite catalogs or magazines...most of the time, i rip the pages out and stick them in a folder, in hopes of scrapping them.
if you haven't ever scrapped a magazine photo, i encourage you to do it...for me, it's a good release of emotions (as most of the pictures that i'm attracted to bring on memories, feelings and emotions)...and plus...magazine photos are flippin' brilliant (most of the time!)

this layout i used a pic from the anthro catalog.
this picture...seriously.
it's so cute.
and so on my list of things to do in my life (road trip with my family, to the SW states).
so, yah, anywho...
hope that inspires you.
link up your work so i can see it!
have a great monday.


another post.

2 posts in one day.
i'm good. :)
okay, here is the mini i told you about earlier...i used the CMK kit again for this...
check it out.

i cut a lot from magazines, and just pieced it all together...
and also, speaking of CMK...i posted the september guest designer challenge over there! go to this link and read all about it.
do you want a chance to be the guest designer and get to work with some FREE, yummy product? then go on over there and try it out!!
okay, goodbye for real this time!


hey everyone!
here's my layouts i did for CMK this month...their august kit was a lot of fun...lots of vintage, lots of bright colors...i LOVED it!

i'll be back soon to post a mini i made as well!
gotta run and take care of the munchkins :)