quick page...

this page looks pretty boring right now, but once it is in milo's book, and sitting along with it's lay-out friend, it will look a lot better! i didn't post the other page with it, cause it has some pics of milo being born, and i figured you all didn't want to see that (especially you dad!). anyways, this brilliant idea came from allyson. the journaling pages will be milo's birth story, but there are actually 2 pages, and i bradded the top of them, so you will flip up the one, to reveal the other one, with the rest of his story on it (when i actually sit down and write it!). i LOVE this idea, cause you can fit the whole story, but it doesn't have to take up the whole page! i still had room for a pretty title on it :) all right, well i need to head up to bed! just wanted to post that real quick! thanks for looking :)

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bday invite and recipe

well, i finally got hadley bean's invites done for her pumpkin party (the party is on monday, so it's about time!) it's really low-key and we are only inviting 3 of her little best friends over. we will be decorating those mini pumpkins and eating yummy pizza...very easy! hopefully it's still nice outside, so we can be in the backyard as well!
here is a pic of those delicious chocolate chip pumpkin cookies i made yesterday...i got lots of people asking if they could have the recipe so here it is:
2 sticks butter
2 cups sugar
15 oz. can pumpkin
4 cups flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. cinnamon
16 oz. chocolate chips
cream butter and sugar...add pumpkin...stir together flour, baking soda and cinnamon and add to other mixture. stir in chocolate chips. drop heaping spoonfuls onto baking sheet and bake for 10 minutes at 350*.
my cookies have white chocolate chips in them as well...and i ended up baking them on my pizza stone for 13 minutes...they turn out really mushy and gooey...so, just watch them, and when the peaks on them start browning, then they are usually done! and i am warning you now, that you can't eat just one!! they are too good! thanks to allison for this yummy recipe...she brought it to mops last meeting!
i gotta run...the kids are trick or treating at my mom's work today, so i've got to get them ready to go...i will take lots of pictures!
and by the way...thanks for all of the kind words you all left on my blog! the comments make my day :) thank you!



today has been a busy day...caedmon had school today, and his "fall party"...so, he had to wear his costume as well...and at 10:00 this morning, they had a parade to show off all the kids costumes...i of course walked in about 1 minute too late, and i missed caedmon's class...i will get to see it on thursday, but i was sad to miss it! i just finished making the yummiest pumpkin chocolate chip cookies ever (thanks to allison for the recipe!). it's our snack for small group tonight, but i must say that if small group doesn't happen soon, i may eat them all! they are delicious!! back to caedmon's costume...i read this on another blog, and thought it so perfectly applied to our life right now...it said something like this "if you have to wrestle your child into their lion costume all while saying "you WILL be a lion, you WILL be a lion"...does it take the fun out of halloween, and deflate the halloween spirit in your child?" how stinkin' true is this?? caedmon was so excited to be a pumpkin, then wanted to be buzz lightyear, then wanted to be a lion, then this morning wanted to be a pirate...each time i say "no, you're going to be a pumpkin, we already decided this"...so, i just knew that putting his pumpkin costume on this morning, would be something like that...wrestling him, all while saying "you WILL be a pumpkin, and you WILL love it"...but amazingly, he was excited to put that costume on...thank goodness! i was not looking to fight with him this morning! well, we have our first small group tonight! i am excited! keith and i have been felt led to open up our home and invite some neighbors into it, and have a small group...so, it starts tonight, and i couldn't be more excited!
this scrapbook page is one that i made at the crop...i love those cursive stickers...they add so much to my pages! i never thought i would be putting stickers back on my scrapbook pages...i so banned them about a year and a half ago...vowing only to use stamps from them on out...well, i guess life changes, and so do we! well, i'm out...and to all of you who say you read my blog everyday, and have never left me a comment, then leave me a comment! it's so easy...and i love to know who's out there and reading it! it stinks when i see my counter has gone up like 30 hits, but i have no new comments...come on you blog stalkers :) start letting people know you're here! but seriously, i love you all and am so thankful you even decide to read this little old blog of mine! thanks!!

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little lady

good morning! well, it's monday yet again...they always seem to creep up way too fast! i've been up since 5:45...feeding milo, then i drove over to my dad's house to walk on his treadmill...so, it's now 9:00, and i feel like i've been up all day already! but, it does feel good to exercise in the morn! here is a page that i completed at my weekend crop last weekend. i LOVE this picture of hadley, and just knew that i wanted it to be the only picture on the page...she is my little lady for sure! i can hardly believe she is going to be 2 in one week exactly! oh man, it's just hard to believe! i'm trying to get a little bday party together for her (i've been trying for like a month) but so many things have taken priority over it...i hope to get the couple invites made and sent out today/tomorrow...i hope! oh yah, check out this site...i applied for their design team...didn't make it, but was named an honorable mention! i'll take that! while you're there, check out the galleries and stuff...it's a fun site. anywho, i failed to mention last week that i'm a new aunt! my husband's brother had their third addition on wednesday! another boy...that is their 3rd boy! and their final, as jillian says! this baby is #10 for grandkids on my husbands side! we have 10 kids all under the age of 6...yes, holidays are CHAOS!! anyways, congrats brian and jillian! we can't wait to meet him when we come out there! that's all for today...got lots of errands to run and my grandparents are coming over soon! l

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so you think you can dance...dance...dance

AHHHHHHHHH-MAZING! that's all i can say about the 'so you think you can dance' tour last night! it seriously was fantastic! keith and i went with our good friends, matt and allyson. we first ate at 'jack stack' bbq...yummmmm...it was so good! then headed over to the newly built 'sprint center'...that place is amazing as well! it's huge! allyson and i were soooo excited to see this tour...we religiously watch the show, and are always excited for the new season to begin...so this was a nice filler in between the seasons! we were so excited that when the lights went down and the music started we both were crying with excitement! yah, we were like high school girls at the new kids on the block concert! all we needed were our "i love neil" shirts...we would have blended in nicely with the crowd, considering a majority of the girls had on those shirts! but seriously, we do love neil. anyways, the night was full of awesome group, couple and solo dances...i am a dancer, and i can just tell you that going on tour like this would be my stinkin' dream! i mean come on...getting to dance, amazing dances all the time, with awesome people...how fun!! if only they had this show back in my college days...i would have tried out in a heart-beat...a bunch of my good friends are trying to convince me to tryout...and i seriously consider it...but come on, i am a mom...a breast-feeding mom...do you think they have time-out breaks for the moms to pump? yah, i didn't think so. i would scare away all the 20 year olds with my pump. anyways...it's still ALWAYS in the back of my mind...we'll see. here are some crazy pics we took pre-concert...we were so excited! here's one of keith and i doing a dance move...yah, my husband looks like he's 10 in this picture...
and a stinkin' hilarious one of matt and allyson doing their pose...keep in mind, allyson is pregnant...and she wanted to get on matt's shoulders...yah, it was funny. (oh yah, sorry matt...i promised you wouldn't be on the blog, but i couldn't resist!)
and here is one of allyson trying to do my world famous thumbs up pose...
this is really what it should look like...you just have to put as much cheese into it as you can! nice try though allyson! :)
don't ask me about this picture...we were just so excited that we decided to pose and show off our flexibility...which isn't that flexible in my case...i couldn't even reach the tree to grab it!

well, it was a blast and i'm so thankful i got to share these memories with allyson! have a great sunday!


we're home!

well, we are back! we made it back into kansas city last night around 7:30...the trip home took about an hour less...i guess i was a pro at those long stops by then, that i could shorten them up a bit! the last 2 hours of the drive home was sooooo long! i kept looking at my clock, or my mile counter, and they just kept ticking by, mile by mile, minute by minute...i thought to myself "surely it's been longer than 2 minutes since the last time i looked at the clock!" well, we finally made it home, and my husband had a yummy dinner waiting for us...the kids were so excited to see him! when hadley gets overly excited, she cries, so when she saw keith, she ran to him, crying and laughing...it was super sweet :) so, my trip was awesome! here is a picture with us and hannah and her baby girl, gentry. it really was so much fun to just get to hang out with hannah, and be moms together! we have been best friends since high school...so, it's definitely funny to think back to those days and tell funny stories! and i must say that she is an amazing mom! so laid back...and so great to gentry...she is a lucky little girl to have a great mom like that! well, so on the drive back, me and my thoughts were going crazy, and i thought of a few things that i realized/learned on this trip...here are a few:
1. caedmon is more excited about his superman underwear than seeing the gorgeous mountains...i should have figured that, huh?
2. no matter where i am, blogging is STILL addictive!
3. even 10 years after high school, it's still fun to get together with your best friend, make yummy cookie dough, eat it uncooked, and just hang out and talk...that never gets old!
4. even though i loved having a bed to myself...i definitely missed keith sleeping next to me...99% of the time he is invading my personal space, and i'm complaining about it, but i kind of missed his toes creeping over to my side of the bed!
5. a 10 hour road trip with 3 children really feels like a 32 hour road trip :)
6. there is actually a gas station called "loaf-n-joy"...who named that...and why?
7. the zoo is the zoo, no matter what state you are in...the animals still just sit there and sleep, eat their poop, or hide when people come to look at them.
8. people stare at you and whisper when you jump out of the car in the middle of nowhere, with 3 babies, by yourself.
9. I-70, is the longest road ever! and the cities off of that road are very proud of very weird things...all to get you to stop in their city...here are a few:
~the infamous "telephone" museum (didn't realize it was infamous)
~the oasis on the plains (this town was complete with fake palm trees and everything!)
~come and pet greyhounds at the greyhound museum...oooh, exciting.
~the city that is christmas all year long. (yah, that would get old real fast)
~wizard of oz museum (okay, i was tempted at this one...sounded fun)
~and last but certainly not least...my favorite by far...the world's largest prairie dog...weighing in at just over 8,000 lbs! umm, isn't that like 8 elephants combined? so, i really wanted to stop and see this, but when i pulled up and saw the farm it was at, i thought to myself "this is like in some horror movie...i'm not so sure my kids and i will come out of this farm/barn alive"...yah, it was that creepy...so we didn't even get out of the car. but an 8,000 lb prairie dog??? come on, is it real? i'm so intrigued!
10. and the last thing that i realized/learned on this trip, is that i did it! yah, i drove this long road trip with all of my kids...and it was fun! there were defintely moments, that i felt like shooting myself, but i made it...and i'm so stinkin' proud of myself!
so, i am glad to be back...i missed keith so much! have a great day and thanks for stopping by! don't forget that i'm going to 'so you think you can dance' tonight!!!! ahhhhhh! i can't wait!!! i'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

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final day

well, today was our final day here in colorado...i am excited to get home, but rather sad to leave...i love hanging out with hannah, and definitely miss the days when, her, jami and i were all roommates...there was never a dull moment! today we went to the most unbelievable park ever! it was complete with a skateboard park (to which caedmon kept saying "i can't wait to be big so i can skateboard"...which made me totally happy, cause if you know me, then you know that i want my kids to be skateboarders!) anywho...it also had a climbing wall, that caedmon had a blast climbing up...as you can see below, he was so proud when he would reach the top! it's like "rocky"...the movie!

and then of course here is hadley doing what she does best...digging in her nose...that is her new habit...it's rare that i catch her without her finger in her nose. anyways, i had to post that picture, cause i know her daddy reading this would be so very proud of her!

well, i am off to try and get some good rest...will post tomorrow on my big trip home! have a great night!


give me a kiss...

here are some more amazing photos that the great allyson took for me and my family...these were some of my belly pictures...and the kids and i were just hanging out, having fun. those are the best kind of shots...unplanned...unscripted...just in the moment (funny, that's the name of her photography business!) anywho, i'm so thankful for these amazing pictures that i have...and on another note...my fabulous, amazing, great, handsome, loving and thoughtful husband surprised me the other night by emailing a picture to me of 4 tickets to 'so you think you can dance'!!!!!!! the tour will be in kc on saturday and we are going, along with our good friends, allyson (the photo buff) and her hubby matt!! i am thrilled beyond words! i just about peed my pants when i saw the picture! he knows how much i love that show, and so, he's taking us there...even though it may not be his idea of a good show! what a man!!
so, it's nap time here, and my kids don't nap well at other peoples homes, so they are watching a movie instead...we went to the zoo this morning...it was fun, but extremely tiring...pushing around a double stroller is hard work! well, i am starving! gotta go and snack...later skaters!


another pumpkin patch!

well, day 2 here in colorado! we went to the local pumpkin patch today and had a lot of fun! the weather was gorgeous! the only problem was my kids and their poop...yes, i said their poop...apparently they all decide to have pooping issues when we go to the pumpkin patch (remember milo, at deana rose?). anyways, caedmon said "mom, there's poop in my pants!" i'm all "what???" he then preceded to tell me that he was trying to push a toot out and it pushed poop out instead...so, we went to the car, took his undies off, and he had to go commando the rest of the time (which i'm sure he actually loved.) and then of course, hadley had a poop explosion...ugh. i've cleaned enough poop up today for the rest of my life!! well, other than that...it was fun...we took a hayride, went through a corn maze, and took lots of pictures! i made sure to get a picture with the mountains in the background...so you all know that i'm really here! no, i didn't just drive an hour away to emporia, ks...i really drove the 11 hours!!
well, last night's sleeping situation was horrible! poor milo is completely stuffed up, so he was up pretty much the whole night, needing his snot sucked (nice wording, huh?). hadley and i slept together in the same bed, and she would not go to sleep unless she was sleeping on top of me...weird, huh? i would try to move her over and she would yell and get right back on me...so, needless to say, momma didn't sleep too well! i drugged them up tonight (benedryl) so, i'm hoping to get some better rest...and we re-evaluated where hadley slept...and i moved her to a pack-n-play...here's hoping tonight's a better night!
we are going to take a trip to denver tomorrow and go to the zoo...the kids are super excited!!! it should be fun, and the weather people say it's going to be in the 70's...nice! i am tired, so i'm heading off to bed...i hope i have a good night!
have a great day/night!
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filled with joy

well, WE MADE IT!!! we left bright and early this morning at 7:00 (kc time) and arrived in colorado at 5:15 (co time). amazingly, it was a great trip! the kids did a fantastic job for having to sit in their car seats for 10 hours! as soon as we got here though, they were bouncing off the walls they were so hyper...yah, hannah probably thinks my kids are crazy! i'm all "hi, we're here...and 2 minutes later her house is destroyed!" but seriously, she is great...and i'm so glad to be out here and spending some time with her!
we had a portable dvd player...i hope the the person who invented the portable dvd player is rolling around naked, in their millions of dollars. for real, they deserve it. it worked for 2 movies and then the batteries died though...and we had no car adaptor, so the kids listened to music, read books...fought a little bit and slept. our stops took about 45 minutes each, cause we had to pile out of the car, go to the bathroom, come back, change diapers, feed milo, get gas, and usually change milo one more time...the stops took a lot longer than i thought they would, but seriously, it was a great trip...and i encourage you all to take a road trip sometime!!
well, i am off to bed...i hope to get a good night's rest...my kids crashed as soon as they laid down! thanks for all your prayers and thoughts!
oh yah, and this is a page i made at the crop...it's one of the many that i will make using the pictures that the fabulous photog, allyson, took for me! she is great!
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i'm leaving...

this morning i woke up to the pitter patter of little feet in my room, and a big, yummy plate of french toast in front of me! apparently caedmon wanted to surprise me and make me some french toast for breakfast! so, keith got up with him and they made me the most delicious french toast i've ever had! what sweet boys i have!!
well, tomorrow is the morning...i take the craziest road trip of my life! i am feeling a little nervous tonight...i just want to make sure i get us there, and that i get us there safely! i'm not worried about the kids driving me crazy (they already do that!) or having to make lots of stops...i just want us to make it there safely...so, definitely say a prayer for the anderson crew! thanks...it is much appreciated! well, i'm trying to upload my scrapbook pictures and put them on blogger...and then save the drafts, that way i have pics to show you while i'm gone all week...but blogger has been acting so funny, so we'll see if that works...regardless, i will be checking in, and letting you all know how my trip is going! i will miss reading all of your blogs though!!!! (i'm sure i won't have time!)
here is a quick and simple card i made last week...i finally broke out my water coloring paper, and my aqua painters...it was much easier than i thought...and with that image, this card did not need much of anything else!
all right my blogging buddies...i am out! i will check in tomorrow!! have a great night!

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pumpkin pictures


pumpkin patch

~i will post pictures of the pumpkin patch tomorrow!~
well, sorry it's been a few days!! life has been busy! we got to go to the pumpkin patch on friday...keith took the day off and we headed over to deana rose farm. when we got there, the lichtenbergers were there too! so, the kids had fun playing together, and it was nice to have some people there to tag team the kids and help watch them...there were tons of kids there! we pulled up and there were like 10 school buses...we were not excited to see those there! well, we took the hayride out to the pumpkin patch...it was a very beautiful day, just a little chilly when the wind blew...i felt bad for milo cause i'm sure he was a little cold, but we wanted him out of the sling so we could take pictures and stuff...everything was going great until milo had a huge poop explosion...right on out of his diaper and up his back...and we had no extra outfit with us (it was all the way back at the car). doesn't this always seem to happen? well, keith took milo and rode the hayride back, and then headed to our car (all while holding milo far enough out so the poop doesn't get all over him!) and then i had to get 4 big pumpkins and 2 toddlers to the hayride and back to the farm. just a little stressful moment there :) thanks to james and jeanna though, otherwise i would have been a mess! afterwards, we all went and ate pizza. it was a lot of fun, and i know the kiddos loved hanging out with jesse and shelby...not to mention, we had fun hanging out with james and jeanna :) next year though, i'll be fine taking the kids to the local grocery store and sitting them in the pumpkins there and taking pictures...the patch was a little overwhelming this year. oh well!
well, then i spent friday afternoon getting ready for my overnight crop! it was so much fun (and i was so productive!!) i got about 10 pages done, and i feel great about them all. i will upload those pictures tomorrow and start showing you what i accomplished!
well, i am going to go spend some time with the hubby...i leave bright and early monday morning for fort collins! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
peace out!


modge podge

i had a chance to sit down during nap time yesterday and crank out some cards...it was nice to get some done! here is one that i made...i saw a tutorial on nichole heady's blog (see link on the right) and she used tissue paper and modge podge and made this beautiful card...mine is not as pretty as hers, but the technique is super simple. you just stamp on your paper...then modge podge the paper...then crumble up a piece of tissue paper...then flatten it out...then put it over your stamped paper...it gives it this really cool textured look to it, as you can kind of see in this picture...

well, i am getting stoked for this weekend, cause i am going to an overnight crop!! i will be gone from friday at 5 pm to saturday at 5 pm!!! i can't wait!! i'm hoping to get lots of done...not to mention my favorite girlfriends will be there, so it will just be a blast...we all get a little cooky when it's 2 in the morning and we're still up!! i hope to have some creations to post for you after the weekend!
well, keith is taking the day off tomorrow (YEAH!!!) and we are going to the pumpkin patch(another YEAH!!!). i love the pumpkin patch and so do my kids...we have had to count down the days this week cause caedmon is just so excited! i hope to get tons of good pictures so i can, of course, scrapbook them! (sigh, i'll never be caught up!)
and have i mentioned yet that i am going to colorado next week?? i'm driving with 3 children (my hubby is staying home) to fort collins, co. my best friend, hannah, lives out there, and it's been about 3 years since i've been out there to visit her, so i decided "what the heck" and am leaving monday morning...will be back friday night (or sooner if the trip is horrible!) so, yah, pray for me :) a 10 hour drive with 3 children...not to mention one of them is nursing...this should be interesting...i'm sure i'll have lots of stories. let's just hope the portable dvd player entertains caedmon and hadley most of the way!
well, have a great day...i'm out!
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rain and a new blog!

today is a rainy day!!! and i love it :) seriously, isn't it weird that nothing cheers me up more than a rainy day?? now, if we have like 5 days in a row of rain, then i start to get sick of it, but i do love one every once in a while...good excuse to cuddle on the couch and be lazy!! well, we had MOPS this morning...i'm telling you, we could do absolutely nothing at mops, and i would still love it!! i love the friendships i have formed there, and i absolutely love talking with the other moms...it's so refreshing! not to mention that the food stinkin' rocks!! i eat enough for about 3 moms every week :) today was no exception...the food was amazing! (sorry allyson, i'm sure that makes you sad, since you couldn't be there) but, it was great...allison made the best pumpkin cookies i've ever had!! oh, i will be making those for sure during the holidays! i also was encouraged by the ladies at my table to cook a turkey this year. so, i'm going to do it. i've never cooked a turkey in my life, and i'm sure i'll probably burn it, or under-cook it, or something, but at least i'm going to try! my husband reading this is probably thinking "yes! turkey leftovers for weeks!!". anywho, i'll make sure to let you all know how it turns out :)
well, here is some decor i made for my house...i can't wait to put it up...i know exactly where it will go, and know it will look fabulous! it's so bright and merry...perfect for christmas!! well, thanks for all of your sweet, sweet comments about hadley bean...she is doing much better today, and i anticipate a full recovery soon! and check out my good friend allison's blog. i have converted many of my friends over to the blogging world...she is the latest victim :) okay, so who's next........dad? i think it's calling your name :)
have a good rainy day all!



well, looks like no mona vie juice for hadley bean! apparently she's allergic to something in it (imagine that...it's only filled with 19 berries...i'm being sarcastic...my kids are allergic to everything, so it's no surprise that this bothered her!) well, this picture was taken last night at about midnight...right after we got home from the emergency room...she went to bed with only a few hives on her (she had been having them since the morning, so i wasn't too concerned...not to mention that this family has dealt with hives on a number of occasions...but then she woke up at like 10, screaming, and we went in there and she had a swollen face pretty much...everything (lips, eyes, ears...they were all swollen with hives). of course i freaked out and rushed her away to the e.r. i was worried that she wasn't going to be able to breathe!! well, after waiting for an hour in the waiting room, we still had not been seen yet...hadley's swelling had gone down by this point and she was being a normal 2 year old...getting into everything, not sitting still, the usual...so, i left the hospital without even being seen. she ended up being fine...i could not wait any longer at that hospital...i was so tired, and she was touching everything...all i could think was "the germs that she must be getting" (my friends reading this know what a germ-a-phobe i am, so a hospital is horrible for me!!) we gave her benedryl (a staple in the anderson household...don't go anywhere without it) and she slept with us, and has been fine. the nature of hives is to cover the whole body, but at different times, so her legs could be completely covered and then that goes away and then it moves to a different part of her body...the process is usually about 2 or 3 days...poor hadley bean. this picture was after most of it went away...it was about twice that when i took her to the hospital. but thank goodness, everything turned out to be fine. we have scares like this all the time...thanks to my husband (love you keith), my kids have allergies to all sorts of things...the main ones being dairy, egg and peanut...yah, it's stressful...always worrying about what people are giving your kids...reading labels on everything...people start thinking your crazy, but i just have to do those things!
well, enjoy the pic...probably not what most of you wanted to see, but hey, this is what i have to stinkin' deal with!!!
later skaters!
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lots of sleep!

i finally got lots of sleep last night! after we put the kids to bed, i decided that, instead of staying up and watching football with my husband, or working on some projects, i decided to go to bed...at 8:15! i haven't been to bed that early since before caedmon was born...i used to love going to bed at like 8:00 and sleeping all night, until 8 in the morn, but that doesn't happen much anymore! well, milo woke me up at 1 to eat, and then again at 6, but by 6:00, i was ready to get up, so i got to have a little time by myself this morning, which was much needed! i've started taking this stuff called 'mona vie'...heard of it? i like to call it a 'miracle juice'...for those of you who know what juice plus is, it's similar to that, only in a juice form, rather than a capsule, so it's immediately absorbed by your body...rather than making some of your organs break down a capsule. i've been taking it for only a few days, but i already feel so much more energized...it's really quite crazy. if you want more info on it, let me know...i don't feel like explaining it all to everyone, if you're not interested!! but it's really some good stuff!!
anyways, so, i drank my shot of mona vie this morning, and i'm ready for the day :)
here is a quick card i made this weekend...oh yah! my open house went really well! i had a lot more orders than expected! in fact, i sold more orders, than items that i had right there...which is great, cause now i have christmas presents already made :)
okay, take care sista's! i'm out of here!


family pictures

i got my older sister to take some family photos of us this weekend...we have none of all 5 of us together, and somebody recently asked for a pic with all of us in it, and i was like "we don't have any!" so, we went to my dad's house and and she snapped away. of course it was the quickest photo shoot ever...3 small kids, yah, they never want to cooperate. so, here is a good one:
then of course caedmon had to show us his face-making skills:
yah! another good one of us outside!
and then this one...this portrays the anderson family perfectly...CHAOS!
and of course, one of the kiddos!
have a great sunday!


rainy day

i made this sweet sign for hadley 'bean'...it will go in her room...i had made one for caedmon a while back, and i felt like she was sad cause she didn't have one, so i got some cute paper that matched her room, and quickly made this one...she hasn't seen it yet, but i know she'll love it!
well, today is my open house...wish me luck! i didn't make hardly anything for it, and the things that i did make, i know exactly where they will go if i don't sell them...some things will go in my house, and some things will be given as christmas presents. so, i won't be disapointed if things don't go to well!! hopefully i can get some orders though, that is what i need! okay, well take care...it is dark, rainy and cold here today...a perfect day to stay in bed...oh wait, i have 3 babies...yah, those days of staying in bed are LOOOONG gone!!
dang it :) have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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no time

i've got no time to write, but i wanted to post this card that i made last night...will write later!!
see ya! thanks for stopping by!
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