another hof'er

here is another layout i did for HOF...i painted the brown lines onto the card stock. it's like my new favorite thing to do :)

here's a picture of that fabulously huge stack of sample papers i got from prism! i was soooo excited!

aren't the colors so pretty?
all right cyber friends. i am out for a while...will be in kansas for the next week or so...i've uploaded a few pages, so that i can post while i'm out of town...but if you don't hear from me for a while...do not be alarmed!
thanks friends! have a fabulous couple days!
and oh yah...thanks for all the kind words on my "prism post"...i was so thankful to read each and every one of your comments! it means a lot...i'm so excited to begin this adventure with prism!



okay, so i'm stoked to let you all know that i've been asked to join a design team! prism card stock has asked me to join their team! woot! they are a card stock manufacturer...check out their website if you haven't heard of them before...any color you could possibly imagine...they have it. i got a phone call from them last week...and the kind ladies over there sent me some samples so i could see what i think of it (before i accepted). okay, samples...i'm thinking like 5 sheets...no way, i got enough card stock to last me a lifetime :) well, maybe not that long (the way i use it!) but they were so generous!! so, now i'm making layouts and cards using their goods...and in return if my projects get picked up for magazines, or ads, or shows...then i get paid for it! another woot woot!
here is my first layout using their card stock...i also made this for OLW...the word this week is "grow."

so yah, go check out their site if you haven't already...thanks to the ladies at prism! can't wait to work with you!



i made this layout the other day for the art is found. i love this challenge blog, because it challenges you to find art in the normal, everyday things. this young, talented girl is heading it up. she makes me smile...the fact that she is so young, is amazing...she's this talented now...what will she be like in 10 years?!? she'll be blowing every one's socks off. fo' sure.

anyways, this prompt challenged you to use shopping tags...and i've had this layout in mind for a long time...so, i finally put it to paper. i love how it turned out.
my favorite is the little bow tie i put on milo...it's just a little piece of chipboard.
anyways...love it.
have a fab sunday!


scrapping goodness.

i was so excited to FINALLY get my paper trends magazine in the mail a few days ago...i was published in it 2 times! one with milo's birth announcement, and the other was our family wreath that i made a while back. it was exciting to see my babies in the mag!

along with 2 copies of the magazine, i also got a box stashed full of scrapping goodness :) this paper was one of the many pieces of patterned paper i got! oh my gosh...it's beautiful paper. i am not much of a patterned paper girl anymore, but i couldn't resist doing a layout with this baby. i made this for scrapmojo. they had you use a song title from juno. this was one of the titles...and i love saying dude (don't know why)...so, this was perfect for my choice.
okay, and on a side note...i finally saw juno this weekend while my girls were here! i know, i know, i'm like the last person on the planet who hasn't seen it. i fell in love with it, like everyone said i would. and the music.

have a fab day!


if you're a bird...

...then i'm a bird. my favorite line from the notebook. ugh, i love that movie. just saying that line, makes me want to go and watch it right now! anyways, here is another layout from my HOF entry. no journaling, but i felt like the title and picture alone were enough. thanks to the fab allyson for this great picture! have a good day!


i'm back.

well, my best friends were in town this past weekend, so that explains my MIA...but, i'm back! i had a blast with them...we always love to talk about old stories from high school and college...and it's always funny. we like to crack ourselves up. the best part is that nobody else ever knows what we are talking about (i.e. our husbands.) they always just sit there, while we tell funny stories...and talk amongst themselves. oh well! it's always fun! here's a birthday gift i made for my friend, delia...this is her son...who is milo's age...i took a couple pictures of him one day, and thought this would be cute in his room. she loved it!

okay, and random, but i'm totally finding inspo from my sling package. isn't this cool? wouldn't it be a cool scrapbook page layout? hmmm...i may be busy working on this later!




this was my layout for the OLW blog this week. the word was {best}.
this picture makes me laugh.
hadley is always making this face...so glad i caught it on camera :)
exciting day yesterday...i was picked for the catwalk over at SIStv!
what an honor! click on the link and scroll on down...you'll see my layout :)
another girl started a thread about me on the message board...a good thread :) she was just pointing out my gallery...how friggin' nice?!? so, when i signed into SIS, i had an overflowing inbox...full of love from other SISters :)
it totally brightened my day!
if you haven't been to that site...check it out...seriously. it's full of inspiration everywhere...not to mention some amazing gals, who give love all the time!
it rocks.
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stuck on my hip.

little milo...always on my hip these days! so, i needed to do a page for his book :) i got an order from winkflash today...lots and lots o'pictures! yippee! i cleaned my scrap space (major spring cleaning)...so, i have this fresh, clean space to create...love that i have my pictures, just waiting to be scrapped :)
have a fab day!
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this kid...

another one for HOF...quick post today...gotta run and spend time with the mama here!
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hall of famer.

hey all! a real quick post for you here...this was one of my entries for hall of fame...

i used some paint...alphabet stickers...embellishments. the assignment for this one was to combine 3 photos, embellishments, a journaling box and a title on your page.
i love this page...and i love those pictures!
all right friends...have a fabulous weekend!
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i was so excited to just see that this layout was chosen as layout of the day over at create my keepsake! this is the second time in just a few weeks that i've been chosen! that rocks!

this is one of the pages i did at my weekend crop. it's super simple. but that picture tells so much, that i didn't think it needed a lot!
okay peeps...later!


yummy vintage fabric.

after searching long and hard, i have FINALLY found an online vintage fabric store that i love! orlando has nothing to offer in the fabric department, so i've been online searching for weeks...finally found this great site. yeah for good, vintage fabric.
so, i ordered this one:

and this fab one:

this one is on my extensively long wish list:

i got the fabric on friday...super quick and inexpensive shipping, which is always a plus!
and they have great ribbon/felt/and many cute items for sale!
what am i going to do with the fab fabric? i've yet to figure that out :)
that'll be a post for the future...


seriously yo.

okay, so, i did not get a HOF call today.
am i sad? no.
am i disappointed. of course!
whoever says they aren't, are lying. why would you enter the contest, if you didn't want to win?!? anyways, i'm really okay though. i'm not as bummed as i thought i would be, so that's a good thing! and a good thing for you all...i will be posting my FAB layouts that i submitted for the contest! not starting today though. :)
this is a layout i completed over the weekend at a crop. i love these pics of the kiddos. so cute and sweet!
well folks, that's all i got! thanks for checking in...sorry, i've been MIA for a few days! and again, no worries about HOF...there's always scrapbooker of the year...
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pucky face.

i made yet another layout about milo and his "pucky"...i call him "pucky face" a lot, cause he's always sucking on that thing! anyways, i made this for the scrapjacked blog. they give you a layout from someone who is seriously talented, and they want you to "lift" it. in other words...make a page, a lot like that one! only add your take to it. this week they are scrapjacking laura kurz. she has fab, simple style. so, this was my take.

i masked the background and painted the brown onto the blue paper. i love how it turned out. so, yah, not a whole lot else going on here...a couple embellishments, and i was done! voila!
hope you're having a great day!



a friend of mine saw this post that i did a while back and decided to order a couple journals from me! here are her finished products! thanks rene!



my take for the OLW blog...the word was "blessed."
su!, american crafts, martha stewart/and some random stuff :)
sorry it's been so long since i've posted...we had a busy weekend! all right, i'll be back soon!
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