why i love this man.

i was super inspired by a layout i saw over at SIS the other day.
she had her journaling going a little up and down like this...and i just loved it!
i knew i wanted to do a layout about keith like this, and this journaling idea was the perfect fit for it!

i drew curvy lines and then just wrote out my journaling.
it was actually a lot of fun, and you will be seeing more of it from me!
have a good saturday!


fun invitation.

real quick,
here is a fake invite i made for a prism assignment...but i thought it turned out really cute!
the colors and style of it.
very preppy girl, eh?
i gotta run.
have a great night!


you make my heart grow.

a fun picture of keith and i, on our 5 year anniversary!
this was such a fun day and trip to st. augustine.
can't wait to go back!

card stock: prism
stickers: american crafts
heart stamps: stampin' up
paint: making memories

so, a few random things on my mind today-
1. my friends left this morning...it was such a fun trip with them!
it was so sad to see them go. seriously.
2. i'm obsessed with my new favorite song (and video) by coldplay.
how come every time i see a new i-tunes/apple commercial, i fall in love with their song. seriously. i could watch the commercial over and over and over and over. (right jenn and nicole-i stopped dead in my tracks, every time the commercial came on this week!)
3. i've been really inspired by SIStv as of late.
the work over there is ahhhh-mazing.
4. i LOVE that people are inspired by things you see on my blog...so, if you are, please make sure to leave me a comment or give credit on your blog. it's common courtesy in the blog-o-world that if you are inspired by others, please let them know.
i always try to do that (i'm sure i've failed here and there) but, it's the right thing to do.
i know that by having a blog, i put myself out there for people to straight out copy what i do, and that sucks, but i hope that most will do the right thing.
5. i've got to take sick kids to the doctor today. hadley's eczema has been acting up and caedmon has had an ear-ache for about 4 days now.
so, yah, all those things are very random and have nothing to do with each other. but it's all running through my mind today.
well, friends...it's been a fun, busy weekend...i must go and take care of the kiddos...they are all running and crawling around like crazy monkeys right now.

edited to add:
hey all, let me clarify on the whole "inspiring" thing...yah, i'm inspired daily by other people, but if i actually choose to recreate a layout, or take a song, or what not, that's when i tell them! but i do appreciate all the kind words about how much i inspire :)
if you ever make a layout, and it's been inspired by one of mine, please link it up so i can see it!
have a fab night :)
much love!


just plain fun.

yup. that's what i think of these pictures.
so, naturally, that's what i would name my layout for these pictures!
remember my baby sling "inspiration" from a while back??
i used that for this layout!
so fun.

thanks to all of you for leaving such kind words on my blog! i love, love, LOVE reading your comments...and if i haven't been by your blog yet...i'm on way to leave you some love too!
have an awesome day...i'll probably be MIA again for a few days...we have some friendlies coming into town!
so exciting!!
card stock-prism
letters-american crafts


my brown eyed girl.

yup, that's hadley, fo sho.
her brown eyes are as big as her face...and i love it!
i always wanted my kids to have big brown eyes (note to self...good job on marrying a chinese man...that's a surefire way to get your kids to have brown eyes.)
so, yah, i love this picture, and i definitely thought it needed lots of pink with it!

and don't you love the little flower i put on there...to make it look like it's in her hair?
card stock-prism
patterned paper-s.e.i.
american crafts alphabet stickers!
and some sewing.
later friends!
and oh yah...thanks, thanks, THANKS for all the kind words (and phone calls) on my last post! it feels good to know i'm not the only one who feels like that :)
have a great day!



my take for the OLW challenge this week. the word was {today}. i loved this word. i have been having all these different feelings/emotions running through my head lately (well, since becoming a mother...but more so, lately) so, this word really struck something inside of me.
my journaling is super heartfelt in this one. i'm not used to journaling like that.
but it felt good to get it out on paper.
and to scrap it.
i mean, this is how i feel sometimes.
super inadequate.
and so dang awkward in this world.
where do i fit in??

so, yah...that's me.
and i've been super inspired by rainbows lately, so i decided to cut one using some of my beautiful prism paper!
their colors are so {lovely}.
all right friends.
that's all for now!


i'm back!

wow! it's been a long time since i've posted on here!
so sorry to be gone for so long--i was enjoying some time with the family back in kansas :)
well, we got back on saturday, and since mothers day was yesterday, keith let me do whatever i would like...all day long.
so of course, i picked scrapping!
i hadn't touched it for about 10 days, so i was really excited to just get to sit/stand/listen to music/and scrap!
here is one of the many pages that i got done!

have a fab day!
thanks for checking in...let me know you've been here :)
prism card stock
making memories chipboard buttons
american crafts thickers


while i have a spare minute...

just wanted to post one quick thing...prism is having a card contest! head over to their blog and check out the rules...hope you can participate! let me know if you do!!
so, i will be back from kansas saturday night...i can't wait to get creative again. i'm feeling
ca-razy, not scrap booking right now...
all right friends...thanks for hanging in with me...while i'm gone :)
now, head over to prism.