getting crafty with it.

here's a few peeks into my newly cleaned art space.
the whole sha-bang.

these are jars from IKEA...the smaller ones are like 4 for 2 bucks and that big cookie jar was like 3 bucks.

these bowls warm my heart and soul.
found them at a garage sale a few months back.

my button vase.
in a brown vase that i got when hadley was born.

found this old coke bottle and that wooden cake stand at the thrift store a few weeks back!
love them!

here's another full on shot :)
i have a high table because i'm always standing when i work.
table and shelves are from IKEA (that's the beauty of having IKEA 20 minutes away...everything you own ends up from there :) )

i've recycled baby food jars...
i use them to store alphabet pieces that don't have a home.
the first jar holds any "A-D" letters, second jar holds "E-H" and so on.

my basket that houses all my alphabets...
there are too many in there.

i got these free at the exchange keith's work had a while back...i LOVE them.
they are true little treasures for me.
i thought about painting them, but decided that i liked the colors together.
they hold various embellishments and chipboard that i've gotten.
i love my space.
it's the perfect size, and it's right in our bedroom (our room is split into an office/art area and bedroom on the other side).
the kids can be playing upstairs in the playroom while i work.
or, i have that other table set up, so they can sit and create some stuff too, if they'd like.
anyways, i try to keep my "stuff" that i own to a minimal, because i can't handle having too much stuff.
i would say that right now, i have too much stuff.
be on the look out for another give-a-way coming soon!
have a fab day friends.