i love this kid...

caedmon...i really do love this kid...even though, in all his glorious ways, he drives me crazy!! i never knew how much a boy would need to act like a boy (mothers of sons...do you know what i mean??). i mean, take this story for example: so, my toilet has been leaking water down around the bottom of it and back behind it...so, i called our maintenance man, and he came out to take a look at it...he then completely pulled the toilet up and sealed up something down there...let's just say, it was lots of work for him. well, the next morning, i went in there and there was TONS of water leaking again. clearly, whatever he did, didn't fix it. so i called him again, and he came by again (this time, while we were running errands). when i got home, he had left me a message and this is what it said "yah, hi emily, i checked your toilet again, and it's not leaking...i looked everywhere on it, and there is nothing that could be leaking on it...so i got down closer to the water, and i think it's actually pee." OH MY GOSH! i had to stop the message right there, because i was SOOO embarrassed. so i took my little caedmon into the bathroom and asked him "have you been pee-pee-ing into the toilet", and he got this devil look on his face and said "nooooo"...i said "you show me right now where you have been pee-pee-ing"...he proceeded to point to the floor, the wall behind the toilet, the floor behind the toilet, and pretty much anywhere but the toilet. oh my goodness...i couldn't believe it! i had made the maintenance man come out not once, but TWICE to fix my leaky toilet, when in reality, it was my son's pee!!! let's just say, we had a long, apologizing conversation with the man, and luckily, he was very understanding about it. now, my son can't go potty with adult supervision. and so, if my son has gone pee-pee at your house recently, you might want to check around the toilet...he may have missed a little!
well, have a great day...and a great weekend!!
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good morning! thank goodness it's friday! i don't have much time to write today, but i wanted to show you some things i've been creating...i'm doing an open house in october. i'm going to alter more of the over-sized clothespins, and i will have a couple letters out, that have been altered, so people can order them and have them personalized. i have tons and tons more to make, but i was curious, to those of you who have done an open house before...what sold the best? i'm sure i will sell more, if i have it there available, rather than making someone have to order it, but i'm curious, what items sold? cards? altered items? please, please, please...someone help me out!! i so appreciate it! have a great day...and thanks for stopping in...i'm out!
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2 months old!

here is a quick invite i made for a friend...you open it up and there is another sheet of cool caribbean inside it with all the info about the surprise 30th bday party for her husband!

and here is my little milo...2 months old today! he's changing so much!
one quick note...who's excited for t.v. tonight?? i am!! all of my favorite shows fall on thursday nights (aside from 'so you think you can dance'). i love to watch 'earl', 'the office', 'grey's anatomy', and 'e.r.' i am so thrilled that all of their new seasons are starting TONIGHT! oh, i can't wait! (i am especially excited about 'the office'...that is by far, my fave!)
have a great day and thanks for checking in!
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a card and a bumbo

i know, it's been forever since i've posted a card on here!! well, here ya go! this is one i made for a su! contest. they wanted cards made with the tapestry collection...i NEVER use this stamp set...even though it was a must have when i bought it...i used it for about a day and then stopped...i don't know...i always have trouble finding inspiration when i use it...i guess it's really not my style after all. anyways, i do like this size of card...square 5 1/2 x 5 1/2. i just can't stand to pay the extra shipping on square cards. that sucks! well onto my other pictures...

have you all seen one of these chairs?? it's a bumbo chair, and my grandparents wanted to buy baby milo something, so i suggested this cause i've seen it around, and thought it would be good to have...and oh my, it's about the coolest thing ever! milo is not even 2 months old (he will be tomorrow!) and he can chill in this thing! he looks like a little sumo wrestler...he is part asian, so i guess he should :) but, i really do love this chair...he just sits in it, while i do dishes, or work in my craft area...and he just stares up at me from the bumbo. his neck eventually gets tired and he starts folding over, but for the 10 minutes that he can hold it up right now, it's great! if you are having a baby soon, or already have a little one, buy one of these things or borrow it from someone...they are great!

and now, on to one more thing...i am so into music...i love to find new music...and i have found the best 2 artists EVER! check them out on itunes...regina spektor, and ingrid michaelson. if you are a grey's anatomy fan, you will recognize ingrid's song, keep breathing. it was in the finale (where christina freaks out and needs to take off her wedding dress at the end). anyways, check them out. they are fabulous!
have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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cards in a jar

these are pictures of the 'cards in a jar' class that me and my friend are doing for our customers. there will be 15 3x3 cards and envelopes in the jar...and they can decorate the jar anyway they like! this is just my example...of course, they can completely CASE it if they like, as well! the class will be on oct. 6th, world card-making day!
what a great gift this will make...or keep it for yourself!!
thanks for looking...see ya tomorrow, i'm out!
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tag, i'm it

so i got "tagged" by sara over at desperate stamper. if you haven't done so, check out her blog...it's always fun! okay, so here it goes:

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car) Fi-Fi Windstar
2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fav ice cream flavor, favorite cookie) Cake batter M&M
3. YOUR “FLY Guy/Girl” NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name)E-And
4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal) Brown Fish
5. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first) AndEm
6. SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd favorite color, favorite drink put “The”) The Celery H2O
7. NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers) Donald Robert
8. STRIPPER NAME : ( the name of your favorite perfume/cologne, favorite candy) Happy Peanut Butter Cup
9.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names ) Jo Robert

well, that was fun...i think i'm supposed to tag 5 more people, but instead, i'll just say that if you haven't done this yet, try it! it's good for a laugh :)


bday party

hadley doing what she does best...saying "cheese" for the camera!

keith and i...wish the dang car wasn't in the background!

grandpa and his ipod nano!

we celebrated my grandpa's 79th birthday this weekend...we had a big bbq with lots and lots of yummy food (my mom has 7 brothers and 3 sisters, so yes, there is always LOTS of food!) anywho, quick and funny story...my mom got my grandpa an ipod nano for his birthday...so, he puts it on (he's never used one of these things before) and we turn the music on for him and here is his exact quote "well, oh my, how did you get that record in this thing." dead serious. we were all laughing sooo hard! we then proceeded to tell him how the ipod nano works, and no, they don't make miniature records now, you download songs. he was quite fascinated. anyways, thought you all would enjoy that story :) i'll be back tomorrow with something creative to post! i've been working on some wedding programs (175 to be exact) and that's pretty much taken up my time this weekend! until tomorrow...see ya!

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family wreath continued

check out my post below on the family wreath...these are the up close shots of what is hanging on it! enjoy :)

if you have any questions on the supplies i used, let me know! have a great day y'all!
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family wreath

i am so excited! i made this incredible wreath last night...it really looks sooooooo much better in person...when i took the pictures, it was dark outside, so the lighting wasn't fantastic. anywho, it's a family wreath, and i just took some of my favorite pictures and decorated them with cardstock and some stamps, and hung them with ribbon. if you are in my mops group, get excited, cause this is what we are doing at our next mops meeting! yahhhhh! oh, i just can't tell ya how much prettier this thing is in person.
also, if you are wanting to buy one of these from me, i would be more than happy to make one for your family...they would make great gifts! email me if so at emilymaeanderson@gmail.com.

all right, and here is an up close shot of the wording. i will post pictures of the other ornaments too...blogger only let's me post a few pictures at a time...does anybody know how to get around that? or is that just the way it is with blogger. thanks all! and have a fabulous weekend!!!!
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just a few pics today

say "cheese!"

she reminds me of a little sweet "gangsta"

i love, love, love pictures of hands...especially babies holding bigger hands...so sweet!

my little man is getting big! he is almost 2 months old now!

well, have a great day and thanks for checking in...i'm off to angie's yard sale today! hope i find some goodies!
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come party

this is another entry for the cps cardmaker magazine contest. you can have 2 entries per person, and i really loved this sketch, so i thought that i might as well make another card and enter that one as well. this is another 'summer party' invite. i used groovy guava and purely pomegranate together....oh my goodness...it is my new favorite color combo! they are sooooo pretty together! i have not liked groovy guava until i paired it with pomegranate. try it out...it's beautiful!
well, i've got to run...my kids are in school, and i have only a couple hours left before they come home AND many things to be doing...and by the way...i got 3 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night!!! i feel like a new woman! let's hope this continues :)
have a great day all...thanks for stopping by!
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hi all! okay, so i could be considered the worlds crankiest mom and wife right now. really, someone please give me that award, because i sooooo deserve it. i just do not do well with little sleep. i am so one of those people who could still sleep till 1:00 in the afternoon. even if i went to bed at 8:00 the night before. i love sleep. love it, love it, love it. i can only hope that when i make it to heaven, that god has sleep planned in there for me...uninterrupted sleep please. so, if you haven't been able to tell already, i didn't get much sleep last night...ummmm, or the last 3 1/2 years of my life. i'm just over it. i want to say to my kids "grow up already"...feed yourself, go potty by yourself, fill your drink up by yourself, no, those shadows aren't monsters, but mommy is about to be one if you don't go to freakin sleep!!! my husband has also been saying that i must not be hearing the kids after 4 in the morning, because he is getting up with them...he lays there and waits to see if i hear them, and when i don't, he gets up. umm, good, because i'm NOT getting up. i told him that i'm turning male, and doing the husband thing...where, secretly i do hear them, and i just lay there, and wait for him to get up to tend to their wonderful needs :) i'm so mean. but seriously, he is a great husband for even doing that...i know some moms who have to get up all night with the kids and their hubbys don't help. i'm sorry, but i need sleep just as much as my husband does! stay-at-home-mom life is not just about eating bon-bons and laying around on the couch all day. amen? we work just as hard as those men! okay, so i'm done ranting...i just need sleep...i think i'll post that in every post until it happens :) are you getting sick of hearing me complain about it yet?
i did have a great morning at MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) today. it's just so nice to go and have a couple hours without your children, have some great food, and have some great conversation with moms who are in the same boat as you. there's nothing like hearing someone else say "oh yah, i was up at 2 in the morning as well!" because you know that when you're up in the middle of the night, you feel like you are the only one in the world up right now. so it's just nice knowing that there are others who are suffering with you :) i LOVE my MOPS group...there are so many fabulous ladies...if you don't have a MOPS group, and you are a stay-at-home mama, you should look them up on the internet, and find one...now! it's a great support system!
well, this card is another creation from my make-n-take the other night...i got a new stamp set today...fun and fast notes??? i think that's the name...anyways, can't wait to create something with it...i've got to run. the kids are being awfully quiet right now. that can't be a good thing. have a great day!
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i need sleep!

good morning! well, today is tuesday and my kids are at school and i feel like i have tons of things to do, but really, all i want to do is sleep and rest. milo has a cold, and so he was up a bunch last night...bummer! i think i'm going to take it easy today and try to catch up on some MUCH NEEDED sleep!
i had a make-n-take at my house last night...it was so much fun! i love having girls over to stamp and create! it's also fun, knowing that it's a night out for these ladies, as most of them are stay-at-home moms, and enjoy getting out to socialize with people who will talk in "big girl" voices...ya know what i mean?! a night with no kids....ahhh, heaven sent :)
this is one of the cards we made...i love this flower, and i used the rock-n-roll technique on it...and i LOVE the taffeta ribbon...that stuff is awesome! i love the contrast it gives with the same color!
well, i'm off to rest...have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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scrapbook pages

i was able to go to a crop this weekend, and i accomplished quite a bit...none that i'm completely proud of though. i'm almost complete with my 2006 family album...and i've saved all the pages that i didn't want to do for last, so i have kind of a lack of motivation, because i'm not excited about doing those pages. these will be the only pages i show you, as the other ones, are not that great...anywho...i never knew what to do with those huge pictures you get when you get your kids pictures taken...well, now i've started scrapbooking them...i'm not one to put them on the wall or anything like that. i'm a black and white kind of girl, so if it's color, it's probably not going to go in a frame. i love these pics of my kids...so cute :)
okay, well i've got to run and get ready for a make-n-take tonight, and as i type, my kids are running around in circles hitting each other with weeble wobbles, and my little man is screaming his head off, so i must cut this short and go do the mommy thing. have a great day and thanks for looking!
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CPS contest

i found this contest over at cps (card positioning systems) and thought "hey, why not try it out"...check out their blog and you can try it too! this was the sketch that they gave us and the theme of the card had to be either 'christmas in july, summer parties, travel postcards or patriotic' so i chose the summer parties one and made an invite...looks like summer, don't you think? i love how bright it is! that paper is one that i've had FOREVER...and have just now cut it and started using it...purely pomegranate goes so well with it...and since that is my favorite su! color, i now love using this designer paper! so, like i said, go check out their blog and enter if you can!

we've got a bunch going on this weekend, so i may not be posting until monday...but i will definitely have some new scrapbook pages to show you because i'm going to a crop tonight! wish me luck...i hope i get lots done (and not just lots of talking :) )
have a great day and thanks so much for stopping by!
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we have a winner!! i wrote all the names on paper and had my son draw to find out who won! 'heyheypaula' please send me your snail mail address and i will get your goodies out to you! my email is emilymaeanderson@gmail.com. thanks! and THANK YOU to all of you for such nice comments...it made my day reading all of those! and for those of you who had blogs, i really enjoyed checking out all of your creations as well! thanks a ton!

well, here is a quick creation i made last night...a girl in my youth group is turning 18 tomorrow! so, i wanted to make a cute card for her...hope she likes it!
i've got to run to get the kids to school and then i am off to get my hair colored and cut! ahhhh, i can't wait!!!
have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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