WIP kits-October!

i just can't believe that today is the last day of september.
where does the time go?
almost this time last year, we were finding out the news that we would be moving halfway across the country, for my husbands new job...it just seems crazy to me that we've been here for 10 months already?!
and even though we are in florida, and the weather is like kansas summer right now, i still "feel" fall. ya know?
i'm most definitely going to be decorating for fall (as soon as the oh so wonderful husband gets the tub out of the garage...which happens to be inconveniently hiding somewhere).
i can't wait to put my pumpkins out...ahhhh, i love fall.
even if it is 87 degrees out.
i still will embrace this season.
here's my layouts for the october kit from work in progress!
this has been my favorite kit thus far...i had lots of fun with it.
i made a few other projects too, which i'll post later.

the lighting sucks in those photos...sorry bout that.
i have also found that i LOVE the we R memory keepers 4 x 6 photo holders...they fit in your 12 x 12 scrapbook albums...and so, with this last layout, i had many, many, MANY photos that i wanted to put on it, but instead, i made this layout and put the rest of the photos in a photo sleeve holder.
i'll take pictures of it sometime to show you what i'm talking about :)
have a good day...hope you're enjoying the season change...enjoy it for me, k?


hi friends.

over at CMK this past weekend, we had a scrap pink crop, in honor of breast cancer awareness.
each one of the DT members hosted a challenge...mine was to scrap a layout that involved superficial things that make you happy.
not things like your family, kids, spouses...but, small things like, gilmore girls, flip-flops, the twilight books.
i love my family, but they don't always make me happy...and it's the smaller things, like getting a good email that make me smile that day.
it's very superficial. yes.
but so true.
so, i challenged people to scrap that small stuff.
and the only stipulation was that you had to include all the fun stuff you love to scrap with on your page as well...
i included masking tape, color, chipboard, thickers, sewing...and so on.
i love how it turned out.
it's so colorful and pretty :)
in other news...
i'm quite obsessed with coldplay right now.
like, i want to be married to the music.
is that possible?
i've got my i-tunes playing right now...and when i'm not on the computer, i've got the i-pod blaring away with a rush of blood to the head.
give me more coldplay.
i'm chanting that.
and you know you're listening to it a lot when your 4 year old sings along with you :)
i'm out.


fancy pants.

i got to play around with the fancy pants, holiday line this month for CMK!
the ribbons, papers, rub-ons...it was all so pretty.
this first layout has my christmas card on it from last year...i always love my christmas cards, and want to showcase them, so i guess i'll just start doing this...and sticking them in our family albums

and just another one for fun!



baby selah.

i took some newborn photos today of baby selah.
she is so cute...and so tiny!
once the little bean fell asleep, we finally got some good shots!
here's a few (and a sneak peek for melonie and josh!)

thanks to my good friend allyson for the block idea!!

have a great night!


work in progress-september

i'm a little late in posting these, cause we've been gone, but here are my september WIP kits projects!
as always...you can click on the pictures to make them a little bigger.

short post tonight ya'll.
have a good one!


sweet baby lila.

my best friend had a sweet baby girl, lila elizabeth a few days ago.
i was so hoping i could be there in kansas when she was born, so i could see the little nugget, but she came just a few days after i left :(
i made this blanket for her, with fabric i got from repro depot.
i must say,
i did a fab job for not being a fabulous seamstress!

cute, eh?
and in other GREAT news.
i got word yesterday that CK has accepted a layout of mine to publish!!
woo hoo!
i've been submitting to that magazine for almost 2 years, so to finally be picked up is so exciting to me!
as my daughter would say "hooray!"
hope you're having a day worth writing about :)

back to florida.

hey hey friends!
we made it back home safely to florida...after a very loooooong flight cross country (well actually 3 long flights, but who's counting).
my husband and i are officially crazy for flying cross country with 3 children under the age of 4.
moving on.
did you see or get this issue of paper crafts?
i'm in it!
woot woot.
my first paid published card!
it was very exciting to see my plain and simple little card in there (i'm on page 56 if you're looking!)

and in other news...
the CMK card kit went on sale a few days ago and it is yummy.
here's just one example of the yummi-ness.

cute, eh? (thanks dani flanders for letting me steal this image!)
anyways...go to this link and pick one up!
dani gives you the exact examples you can make with this kit.
you don't even have to think (which is great for me cause i SUCK at making cards---even though i have one published in that magazine up there ;) )
anyways...go check it out!
and thanks for the links that you left me in my last post...i've added a few blogs to my google reader!
hope you're having a fabulous day!


link it up.

long time no blog, eh?
sorry about that...we are in cali right now...and i can't get our computer connected to the internet.
which means, no posting pictures from my computer.
so instead...
i'm checking in today with some of my favorite links right now.
this girls blog is one that i'm drawn too everyday.
even though she's in my google reader and she only updates every once in awhile, i still like to go to her blog and just look at old posts (all this of course, when i have time).
i really love her blog around this time of the year cause it feels very comfy and fallish to me.
she is a pro at managing 4 kids and scrapbooking and a beautiful house and cooking and canning and the list goes on and on.
she inspires me to do a better job at what i'm doing.
i always walk away feeling like "man, i should go can something."
and then i realize i have no clue how to do that so i just go back and look at her blog again.
and i love this blog for too many reasons to list.
the main one being that she is such a free spirit.
i just think that rocks.
and thirdly...i am always drawn to this girl and her beautiful writing.
i don't write a lot on this blog (i save that for my family blog) but i am totally drawn to good writing.
and this girl's skills are beautiful. she writes about the things she is going through with such grace.
she always inspires me.
well, that's all for now.
what blogs or sites are your favorite?
leave me some links...i always love finding new spots in the world wide web.
also, since i won't be posting anything to look at in the next few days, i thought i'd leave it open for ya'll to ask me any questions you may have burning inside.
about my pages? my family? my photos.
let me know!
i'm probably not that interesting for anybody to have any questions, and i'm totally okay with that :)
hope you're having a fab day.
what day is it anyway?
vacation's always do that to me.


good times.

one of my good friends, allyson and i were talking about how we are never in any pictures cause we are always the ones taking them.
so, last night we had a girls night that involved taking lots of pictures of each other at various cool spots in the art district.
we had so much fun.
once we got over the awkwardness of being in front of the camera, we let our inner tyra banks come out and we worked it.
here are some shots...it's so weird to see me as a blonde again :)

aren't those fun?
i'm so glad we did this...
now we have some pictures of ourselves...
and our great-grandchildren will actually know we existed.
in other news...we fly to california today, to spend a week with keith's family...i'll be checking in when i can.
have a lovely day!


another hobby.

i love photography.
i really do.
and i never really mention that on this blog, nor do i ever show any of the pictures that i take.
back in college (back in the day) i was a photog major...
that was before everything was digital.
oh, for the love of a dark room.
cause i certainly loved it.
but i do love digital as well...and all the possibilities with that.
anyways, i occasionally take pictures for friends and family.
this past week, i took senior pics for my sister, hannah and her best friend, hannah.
they turned out so very cute, that i had to share some.
enjoy-my sister is the one in the stripes.

hope you are doing well.


can't chat for long...

but i did want to pop in and say hello :)
we made it to kansas.
safe and sound.
i forgot i had some layouts on my computer that i haven't posted yet, so i may be posting more than i thought!
i know, you're so excited.
well, here's one.

and a picture of the kids (minus milo) and i at old settlers (a festival, here in olathe).
just wanted to show you all that i'm a blondie again!

hope you're doing well!


leaving, on a jet plane...

yup, that's right. the 3 little kiddos and i are flying to kansas today, to visit family! we then leave next wednesday to fly to california to meet my husband and his family out there! we'll be gone for 2 weeks, so i apologize in advance for my lack of creativity posting!
so, in the famous words of the terminator.
i'll be back.
(yah, i know, that was totally lame...please don't stop coming to my blog cause i said that.)


girly girl and a toot.

i used my WIP kit on this one...i stuck the photo on card stock...adhered the PP over it and then ripped the paper off, over the photo, so it looks like the photo is peeking through.
i'm pleased with how it turned out!

i think you can click on it to make it larger and to read the journaling!
i'm being published!
woot woot!
i got an email today from scrapbook trends, and they are publishing a double page layout of mine in their baby idea book!
hope ya'll had a fabulous labor day weekend...back to the daily grind tomorrow.