flower fusion

here is a quick card using the flower fusion (i think that's the name of the embellishments!) from the big catty...probably won't be posting much this weekend, cause my parents are in town! have a great weekend!
p.s. quick reminder...the mini catalog is available tomorrow!
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blog surfing

okay, i came across this ridiculously cute blog ---here---today's creative blog had her featured, so i checked it out...and oh my. if you love fabric (amy caire) then you will LOVE this blog. very bright and cheerful. just loved it.
look how cute this shirt is that she made??!! i love the shape of the butterfly on here...very whimsy...so cute. so, you crafty sewers out there...want to make my darling, precious, cute daughter this shirt? :) cause i know, i would never be able to do this...
anyways, check it out. it's fun!
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roller skater kid

caedmon got roller skates for christmas (which he still LOVES)...anyways, this is actually a 2 page layout, but the picture with the 2 pages on it, is really small, so, i will just show you the first...
the flowers are american crafts rub-ons. the alphabet are stickers from doodlebug designs.
thanks for stopping by!
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cousin love

just a fun page with all the cousins on it again...i used the new american crafts thickers "jewelry box." love 'em! then the rest of the embellishements are love, elsie stuff. the brown scallop borders around the photo and the bottom of the page were hand drawn and colored in with a brown sharpie. all right...going to bed early tonight!
have a great night...thanks for stopping by :)
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oh snap!

okay, let me explain myself :) since taking this picture, i have wanted to scrap it sooooo bad...and i wanted a really clever title as well. well, my good friend, jami, is always saying "oh snap"...in a really ghetto voice...so, i emailed her and said "what does that mean?" her response was something along the lines of this "you are such a white girl, emily". well yah, duh. so, anyways...basically oh snap! is a nicer way of saying a naughty word (like, when you stub your toe...what do you say?) well, i was still determined to use this title with this picture...so, i don't care what it means. it's funny...cause clearly, i am so not ghetto.
enjoy allison!
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sneak peek

here are some of the new scallop cards that SU! will be offering in their new mini, coming out march 1! i cut a wild wasabi one, and adhered it to a soft sky one...then did some stamping...pretty self explanatory :) these come flat, so you can use them on scrapbook pages...or as cards...

i think the best part about these note cards, are the chocolate brown envelopes that come with them...these are 6 x 6 in size!

enjoy :)
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exciting news!

here's a fun page i did for our family album...i loved this picture of hadley when i took it. i'm having trouble these days NOT scrapping just one picture on a page. scrapbooking is quickly becoming more of an art outlet for me...rather than a way to document family things...BUT, i do LOVE what it's becoming for me :)
so, my exciting news is this...last week the making memories blog had this posted:

Do you want to be featured on the Making Memories Blog?
During the month of March we are going to have some special guests featured on our blog every Thursday. These special guests will create a MM layout for everyone else to see and we will create a link to their personal blogs or online galleries.
If you want to be featured as one of our special guests, show us your current MM layouts by posting a comment with your blog address, name, and email.
We will contact four people within the next week to help us in March.
Good luck!

well....i got an email this morning asking if i wanted to be featured!!!! OH MY!! i'm just so darn excited...i look at this blog, religiously...and love everything they make or post on there, so to be picked for this is SUCH an honor!!!! so, yah, just had to share my ridiculously exciting news :) i'm jumping all around right now....


just a few glances...

...of my scrap space. i've expanded it. i added a smaller table (in front of the window) and bought new legs for my old table...to make it a high table...i found myself ALWAYS standing when i was working, so i decided that it would be better on my back to make my table higher (rather than hunching over all the time!) that smaller table will be great if i ever have anyone over to scrap with! any takers??

here are just a few up close shots of things...

my magazine holders...$3 at IKEA...i got matching large boxes that are under my big table...i store all of my fabric in those...

i use a rod from IKEA to hang my punches on...the buckets hang from the rod, and they are great for storing my scissors and hand held punches...they are right there, when i need them.

all right...that's all for today folks! off to watch american idol :)
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trust us.

last time we were in cali, we took pictures of all of the cousins individually...and we also got a group one...anyways, these pics were so funny to me...i think each one, totally shows each kids personality. they're funny. anyways, over on the one little word blog, the word this week is "trust"...they want you to incorporate it into a page, so i thought i would take a more light-hearted approach to it than most. anytime we go anywhere with all these kids...or even just a few of these kids, someone always asks "are they all related?!" so yah, trust us...we are all related :)
and oh yah...the circles are stamped on there with paint and the end of a toilet paper roll...i needed a circle stamp! that was the next best thing :)
have a great night!
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pure bliss

this was another HOF entry that didn't quite make the cut...the green is fabric...along with the birds that i cut out. i sewed the fabric and ribbon onto the page...this is a pic of my best friend and her cute family. i took some pictures of them this winter, and this was by far my favorite one...they just look like they are having so much fun!
have a great day!
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vday gift.

since starting his new job, keith's desk has been so very plain looking. he has nothing up on any of his cube walls, or any picture frames...so i made him a little scrapbook page he could put up on one of his walls...it's very simple. this was his gift for valentines day...i also made a playlist for him on our i-pod. yes, some good music.
have a great valentines day!

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funny stuff

this is a journal that i covered with fabric...it's a book to record all the funny things my kids are saying and doing these days. i can't scrap everything...so, i thought it would be fun to at least have a book that we could look back on and read and laugh. i got the inspiration from this blog.
here's an up close shot of it...enjoy!
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allowance jars

i made these allowance jars for caedmon and hadley last night. they have piggy banks (my husband is a finance man so they have an abundance of piggy banks...one for saving...one for tithing...one for spending...one for themselves...the list goes on and on...) anyways, we've started a chore/behavior chart, and at the end of the week, for however many tokens they get on their chart, they get that in money. so, this week caedmon had 14 tokens, so he got .14 cents. make sense? anyways...they will put their money in these at the end of the week, and then at the end of the month, we will transfer them to their proper piggy banks. these are just baby food jars that i kept, cleaned and altered. cute, huh?
have a great day! it's beautiful here...we're having a playdate/picnic with a friend!
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this is us.

i'm trying to make a scrapbook page a day...you know, a lofty goal, and if i don't get one on a certain day, it's always okay. but, it's nice to know that during naptime, i can try and sneak into my art area and try and work on some things. i dunno...we'll see.
so, here is a page i made today..."this is us". i masked off the background and painted black lines onto wild wasabi paper. these are some awesome photos that allyson took for us. i want to scrap like every photo she took. i'm well on my way of doing that. anyways, the doodling around the journaling is of course my own. i'm a doodler. hope you like!
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real quick

just a real quick card for today...this set uses "always" from the main catty. i'm just loving that set. and this is a good one for valentines day too :)

bye friends!
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i thought it would be fun to participate in this blog's challenge....they pick a word and you have to incorporate it into your page. the word this week was 'create'. anyways...i really like this layout...it's a lot like one that i submitted for HOF...but of course, different. :)
all right...off to do some laundry...it never ends.

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i {heart} u

a layout for hadley bean. i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that picture of her...and knew the second i saw it that i wanted to scrap it. i've just been playing around with paint lately...this was one i made for HOF...but then decided not to enter it...it was not as good as the other layouts i've been doing...i'm just itching to show you all!!! soon my friends, soon.
all right...later...got a busy day!
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