i have nothing halloween related to post today...but i do have a layout...
here's one of my projects from the WIP kit this month.
that's my momma, her hubs and my sister in the picture...i'm so excited cause momma and hubs are coming into town today!!
i'm taking a cleaning break right now...
as we speak, i've enlisted the little people to dusting and cleaning up their rooms.
it always takes them forever, so i've given them about 3 hours to get the jobs done.

we got family pics done the other night.
kristina and i swapped photo sessions.
you can view the ones i took of her family over at:
here is one of the fabulous ones she got.
it was not a pleasant experience...all i wanted was one good one of all of us.
and i got it.

you can click on her name and view some of the others on her blog!
have a happy halloween!



i love when i see things online that make me go "oh...i love that"
here are some things that i saw in my google reader this morning...
this pumpkin decorating was on a blog, but originally it is from better homes and garden.
how cute is this?!

i loved when i saw on soulemama's blog this morning, her creative way to store dress up clothes.
how clever.
our kids dress up clothes are wadded up and thrown into a big bucket.
and they always seem to want that one costume that is on the very end of the bucket, so yes, we throw everything out to get to it....
anyways, i digress.
this is so much better.
and prettier.
and i of course had a smile from ear to ear when i saw my good friends blog this morning.
she loves to put her little people in pumpkins around this time of the year.
and it's so cute.

what is inspiring you today?


my lil' baby leggers.

i ordered some baby legs for milo...but hadley and caedmon snatched them up and wore them to church.
these things are just about the handiest things i've ever seen.
it's a little cool here in the mornings...so, caedmon wore them on his arms...while hadley wore hers on her legs.
at the end of church, it was too warm for them, so they pulled them right off.
easy peasy.

the picture is blurry, but i love it.
hope your days are going good...


a few things.

i got the privilege of taking pictures of the sweetest little bean, the other day.
check them out at my photography site:
here's one...

and also, this past monday, i hosted the monday muse challenge over at CMK...
i challenged you to use music sheets or old pages from books on your page.
here's was my take on the challenge...
if you do this challenge, link me up...i'd love to see it!
have a fabulous friday.
it's rainy and dreary here.
my favorite kind of day.


tutus galore.

i've found a tutu!
not exactly like that picture, but none-the-less, i love it!
not only do i get a tutu, but we also get some fab leg warmers (which i'm obsessed with right now).
check out this lady's etsy shop
i ordered the red one :)
and those are the fabulous leg warmers we are getting as well.
somebody mentioned that i need to take a picture of hadley bean, in this attire...and no worries, that is exactly why i'm getting them
she will be 3 in just a few weeks, and this outfit is what i'm going to do her 3 year old portraits in!
can't wait!
i also ordered some leg warmers for hadley and milo here.
i'm quite obsessed with those.
i can't wait to see little milo man in them.
all right friends...
that's all i got.


scenic route.

i LOVE this line from scenic route.
it's seriously...beautiful.
here's another quick layout i did, using it.

i stamped the almost white letters up at the top...those stamps are from SU!
and the card stock is prism.
hope you like it :)
k, and i need your help...i'm looking to get hadley a tutu/petticoat for her birthday...do you know what i'm talking about? not quite a tutu, but not quite a petticoat...here is a picture of it--here...go to that link and then click on galleries...click on kids...it's about the 8th picture. you can't miss it. i love the turquoise one...if i could have something similar to that, that would be fantastic.
any idea on where i can find one of those?
thanks friends!


short and sweet!

i had a fun family photo session this weekend...

you can view the rest of the sneak peek over at:
just scroll down a bit on the first page!

after the kids went down for bed last night,
mr. anderson left and did the grocery shopping (*sigh* i love that man).
that allowed me to take a nice, long shower and then cuddle up on the couch with my new creating keepsakes magazine that i got in the mail yesterday.
i was SO surprised to find this...

my name!
as a standout reader!
woot woot :)
i am excited to be published in their mag in january, but this was equally as exciting!
have a great tuesday...



over at CMK this month, we are getting to work with scenic route papers! yummy!
i was very excited when i opened up my package to find the sonoma collection.
i used this just a few months back on the WIP kit...and it has been my favorite paper to date.
so, i gladly opened my pack and started working with it again!
the papers are so yummy.
here's a quick layout i made, almost immediately.

and on another note,
thanks for all your kind words regarding my below post.
i, of course, know i'm so blessed, but sometimes...life is hard.
k, that's all for today :)


lucky me?

i know how lucky i am to be blessed with 3 children.
some people go their whole lives, wanting children, but not able to have them for whatever reasons.
but sometimes...i forget just what a blessing those kids are.
amidst all the bottom wiping, food cutting, dressing, toy-cleaning, breaking up fights, bottom wiping again, and usually breaking up fights again...i start to forget what a blessed life i live.
i know, everyone tells me "enjoy it now...it goes by so fast!"
cause why does my life feel like it's going by so slow?
someone once described being a stay-at-home mom as "never before have i ever been doing so much, but been so bored out of my mind."
so true.
so true.
i love those kids dearly.
and although i question my place as a stay-at-home mom sometimes...i know it's where God wants me.
i just need to be re-told this day after day after day...
(on a side-note, caedmon is chanting in his room "pump it up, pump it up, pump it up"--that makes me laugh, and makes my day a bit more bearable!)
where was i going with all of this?
i need to be reminded of how lucky i am.
so i made a mini using my work in progress kit...
lucky me.
i stick it in my purse and have a reminder of how God has given me those 3 kids.
life is rough sometimes with 3 children under the age of 4.
but that's all the life i know...so, i guess in a way, it's the right life for me.

the pictures aren't the cutest pics i have of those munchkins, but i know how cute they are, so that's all that matters :)
sorry for the whining.
it's just been a whiny kind of day.


i love this kid.

hey ya'll!
i'm back from texas...and it was fun.
i'll write more later, cause my kids are seriously tearing each other apart in the other room, so i must go tend to that matter.
but here's a quick layout for you.

be back soon!


answering a few questions.

i was asked what kind of albums i use...and here they are.
the american crafts 12 x 12 D-ring albums.
i love them because i've started doing 8 1/2 x 11 layouts as well...and their page protectors fit in these albums too...so you can keep all your layouts (any size) in the same album.
i love that.

kathy asked me more about those photo sleeves i was talking about...
here they are...when i get a chance i will take a picture of them in my album...i really love how it helps me out with all those photos i have.
you can have a layout....but still keep all those photos you love...and you can even do a little embellishing on them as well.

k, friends.
i'm off for the weekend...one of my best friends is getting married in texas and i'm flying there tomorrow night through sunday!
and did i mention that i'll be without kids the whole weekend?!
i can't believe it...i am bringing my (husbands) i-pod, a few good books and i'm going to enjoy flying solo. it's been years since i've done that...probably not since keith and i were dating long distance!
well, i've got a post set up for this weekend...otherwise, i'll get back to ya when i return!!
have a great weekend.
happy october!