birthday hat & boy.

so my littlest man, milo, turned 1 on sunday!!
it's so flippin' hard to believe, but yup...he's 1 now :)
here is my final project i made with the WIP kit this month!
a birthday hat for the birthday boy :)

and i couldn't not show you a couple pictures of the birthday boy in it ;)

have a great day friends!
thanks for stopping by!
and oh yah...i know some of you have bought the WIP kit...link me up if you've made any creations with it...i'd love to see them!!



okay, so i just love this project i made...
the kids love anything and everything electronic (i.e. movies, computer games, their leapsters, t.v., you get the picture).
if allowed, they would sit and do those things all day...but they are not allowed.
and so, keith and i have been wanting to put together some sort of privilege thing...so that they are rewarded with these things for their good behavior.
so that they have to work for these things.
so, here ya go...
the kids privilege board.

i took a dry erase board that i picked up from wal-mart and painted brown around the edges...then i used all the leftover goodies from my WIP kit...and put this board together...i glued the scallop circles onto the magnets that came with the board.
so, when caedmon does something good, he gets to pick a privilege...same with hadley. they also can get them taken away. so, it's highly unlikely that they each get all 7 privileges in one day...if they did though...that would be a pretty easy day for me!
oh, and not that this matters, but the kids earn their privileges today, to use tomorrow. make sense?
anyways...all you mamas out there, i thought you would like to see this!
and i have to say that it's working thus far.
they think it's fun...earning their fun stuff. and then it really hits the heart when they have to take a privilege away...
so, yah...i love it!
all right friends...i'll probably be offline for the next few days...my parents and grandparents are coming into town!!
can't wait to visit with them!
and also...my little man, milo, turns 1 on sunday!
busy weekend!
have a great couple days!


work in progress--august kit.

here's a couple layouts i did for WIP and their august kit!
trish still has a few left, so if you love the kit...go snatch one up!!

come back tomorrow for a few more things i did using the kit!
i made a "privilege board" for my kids...you gotta see it...i'll post it tomorrow!


sun bathing beauty.

well since CHA is over (the craft and hobby association) i figured it's safe to post some of my work that was displayed in the prism booth this weekend!
here is a layout i did for them...this was one of my first layouts i did, using prism card stock...and i've been hooked ever since!

the supplies are all prism card stock and american crafts thickers!
thanks for stopping by today...it's a quick post for me...gotta run!


etsy-red lovin.

so, i'm thinking of making this a regular thing...where i post some of my favorite finds from etsy during the week...this week, my stuff that i loved all seemed to lean on the red theme!
check out these cute finds...
and i provided the link for you, so you can go right to the sellers page and order one up if you'd like!
this journal
i love chandeliers--this print
why are baby burp clothes so dang cute?? damask burp cloth
i love this "minnie" outfit...so adorable. i can just picture hadley bean in it. red polka dot outfit

i want these leggings for myself!
so cute!
all right friends...let me know what you find on etsy that you just {love}! i love to find sellers that i haven't seen before!



thanks for ALL the birthday wishes!
they mean so much to me...i am working on getting around to every ones blog...if i haven't been by yours...don't worry...i'm coming ;)
in the mean time...here is the yumminess that i'm working with right now.
trish at WIP did yet another fabulous job on this months kit!
i can't wait to show you what i've done with it!!

and i had a happy mail day today...i received my kit from CMK to start working on! oh, it's chocked full of goodies too!
and i got a great "sore toe" package from melissa...she's the best!
hope you all are having a fab day!
i'm going out with the hubs tonight for some birthday lovin'!
woot woot!
later friends!



i'm not ashamed to announce that today i turn 27.
weird...really weird.
10 years ago, this is not where i thought i would be.
27, married for 5 years, 3 kids, living in florida, and obsessively scrapbooking!
but, i love where life has taken me, and i couldn't imagine it any other way...i don't even remember what it was like to not have this life!
so, yah, here's my picture, for you all.

and just so it's not all about me ;)
here is a layout i made for CMK...i used the daisy d's product this month...their chloe line...here was a LO i made with it!
all product is daisy d's (except my masking tape and pom pom ribbon!)

i hope y'all are having a great tuesday!
and oh...if you want to see just how funny and sweet my hubs is, take a look here!


i'm bringing 2 pagers back.

(the title is said in my best justin timberlake voice)
it's been a while since i've done a 2 pager!
i loved these progression photos of milo standing on his own for the first time...and then trying to take a first step...but crashing instead!
you can click on the picture, to make it bigger and read the commentary.
i got that lovely sassafras lass paper from winning a layout challenge over at SIStv...fun!
card stock-prism
pp-sassafras lass
alphabet stickers-american crafts and SEI
random-punches, thread, button and ribbon
ahhhhh, friends.
i love you all!
hope you're having a great day...
i'm completely involved in the twilight book right now.
loooooooooooooove it.


more etsy love.

i love etsy.
thanks to google reader, i no longer blog surf.
instead, i etsy surf.
and since i've been stuck in bed (see this post), i've etsy surfed quite a bit!
here's some goodies that i found today, just on the main page!
this bracelet...just friggin' beautiful.

this japanese print pillow...love it.

i am SUCH a fan of cute little clips for my hair.
if you know me, you know that i steal hadley's clips all the time and put them in my hair.
they are just so darn cute!
anyways...i found this lovelie.
isn't it a charm?

i'm done on the computer.
going to start reading a book now!
and oh yah...my WIP kit came in the mail today.
holy moley.
that's all i have to say.
pure gorgeous-ness.
have a great weekend friends!!


more exciting news!

as if things weren't exciting for me already...
i was so honored to find out this weekend that i made the official Work In Progress design team, for the next 6 months!
yes, i was just the guest designer...and i decided last month, to apply for the full design team because i loved the kit i got to work with, and trish (the owner) is such a sweetheart.
i'm so glad i did, and i look really forward to working with this team (full of FABULOUS designers, i might add)!
i'm just thrilled!!
okay, okay...
here's some eye candy for you :)

i used my circle journaling technique again (where the title circle swings around and reveals the journaling).
so fun...
here are the details:
cardstock - prism (white prismatic, chocolate, intense kiwi)
brads, paint-making memories
ghost tabs-heidi swapp
letters-american crafts
everything else is just randoms that i had lying around!
thanks for stopping by friends!
hope you're having a great day :)


a layout and a weeeee-ner.

wow! i didn't realize i had that many people reading my blog. nothing like a good ol' giveaway to pull some of you readers out of the wood works. thanks for commenting. now that i know you're there, you need to talk to me a little more often! so, first up is my layout.
i did this for the scrapjacked blog.
they jacked the ever so fabulous candimandi...she is my fave.
for sure.
so, here's my take...
okay, okay.
i know none of you cared about all of that...you just want to know the winner.
well, without further ado....
i had the help of my most favorite little man ever with picking this winner.
here's how our conversation went.
ME: caedmon, what is your most favorite number ever?
CAEDMON: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 20.
ME: really? that's your most favorite number ever?
CAEDMON: ummmmmmmmmmmmm. yup.
ME: okay, thanks dude.
so, the weeeeeeeeeee-ner is...#20, which is:
sarah said...
Yay for free scrappy stuff! Maybe your creative juices will have oozed over it all during the clean up and come with all your goodies!
July 3, 2008 6:15 PM
congrats sarah! i can't guarantee any "oozieness". but i can guarantee a box o' goodies to arrive on your doorstep soon!
email me your address at
thanks to everyone who left a comment!
hope you all had a great weekend!
did you get any scrapping done on this long weekend? link me up...i'd like to see it!
good night!


box o' goodies for YOU.

okay, okay.
so first up is this...
the lovely trish has my bio up over there...that's fun!
i so enjoyed being the guest designer this month.
that kit was fab.
thank you, thank you, thank you.
for all of the sweet comments on my last post...congratulating me.
it meant the world to me!
i love my blogging friends.
and my real friends (you all comment too :) )
and thirdly.
i'm going to have a give-a-way.
i needed to do a major cleaning of my scrap area the other night...and out of it came a priority mail box filled with goodies that i need to send to someone.
don't worry.
i'm not sending you a box o' junk.
i've been fortunate to get some goodies in the mail the past couple of months...too much!
i haven't been able to use it all...
and i'm about to get stuff sent to me every month (with being on the DT) so, i want to clean up my area...and keep the stuff that i'm going to use.
i know, i know.
it's a rough life for me...getting free stuff every month.
but anyways.
if you want to win my box o' goodies, then leave me a comment on this post!
i'll have my little man pick a number on sunday around 7:00 pm.
so, i'm gonna take a weekend break.
i'll be back to post sunday night with the weeeee-ner.
thanks friends!
all of your kind words always mean soooo much to me!
have a great 4th of july!