this kid...

...is going to break some ladies hearts one day! watch out girls, cause here comes caedmon. i'm telling ya, the dark brown eyes, dark brown hair and that dimple. that's a winning combination! i love these pictures of him! i think he's finally accepting the fact that mom likes to take tons and tons of pictures now, and so instead of fighting, it's good just to give in right away...and maybe even pose for a few :) now it's hadley that we need to work on. she used to be my cheese-head, and now she won't even come near if the camera's out. she can't be bribed with anything either cause she doesn't understand. dang it!
well, our trip home from california was less eventful than the trip out there...thank goodness! our last few days there were jam packed...we went to chinatown in san fran on tuesday...when we were driving around trying to find a place to park, caedmon says "are we in china yet?" ha! not quite! it was fun though, except those hills are killer to walk up! i had milo in the snugli, and man i got my work out for the month! the people who live there should be the fittest people in the world! anyways, chinatown was what it was...chinatown. lots of chinese folks walking around, staring at us crazy tourists (luckily we had granny, and so we somewhat blended in). we visited the fortune cookie factory, where about 3 little ladies sit there and make the fortune cookies. you can't take a picture otherwise they charge you 50 cents! we got bags and bags of fortune cookies that the kids snacked on all day long. yum. after chinatown, we went and ate at, of course, a chinese restaurant. if you've never been to a chinese restaurant with a chinese family, let me tell you, it can get crazy! luckily, the whole family wasn't there, so it wasn't as crazy as it normally could have been, but the kids did give the other customers there a show by running around and acting exactly like toddlers know how to act! it was yummy, but after this trip, i don't think i want to eat chinese food again for awhile! we ate too much!!
'so you think you can dance' was of course, fabulous!!! i mean, can i please be in college again, and have nothing holding me back so i can try out for this stinkin' show??? why didn't they make this show sooner??? i would have tried out in a heartbeat! the show was great and sue and i had a good time...we were so far back though...2 rows from the very top of the arena...even the big screens looked small to us from up there. we were in dominique's (one of the dancers) hometown, so of course he was going crazy and so was the crowd. it was cool to see! i LOVE that show!!!!!! i can't wait for it to start again!!!
well, it's good to be home, but now reality has sunk in and i'm back to realizing that i'm moving cross-country in 5 weeks...eeeek! we are so fortunate that my mom and her husband have offered to get a moving van and moving company to come in and pack for us and move us to orlando...how amazing is that????? i can't even begin to tell you how much this helps us out...we are so grateful mom and doug!! that takes a huge load off of my back. there is still so much running through my brain though...i've been thinking a lot about what we want to make sure we do one last time before we go...aside from of course spending as much time with family and friends...here is my list: 1) go see the plaza lights and spend some time walking around down there 2) eat at planet sub and mi ranchito...oh, how i'll miss these restaurants! 3) shop at hobby lobby everyday, cause i'm pretty sure it's only a midwest store...bummer! 4) play outside in the snow (here's hoping it snows before we leave!!) 5) get my nose pierced (again...this will be the third time i've had it pierced!) with my good friend allison...come on allison, you know you want to do it! 6) stand outside at night and just smell the crisp, cold air...i will miss this...as much as i dislike cold weather, i will miss it (sniff) 7) seriously, enjoy every minute i have here...this has been my home for 26 years...as blah as kansas may be, i love it, and i hope we come back one day!
so there ya go...i have about a bazillion more things running through my head, but not enough time to write...gotta run and catch up on some orders i need to finish! thanks for stopping by!
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i'm being published!

YES, you read me right! paper trends magazine has accepted 2 of my submissions...my family wreath & milo's birth announcement, and they are publishing it in their april/may issue!!!!! i'm so excited...and i just can't hide it :) okay, i'll stop with the whitney houston...anywho, just couldn't contain it! onto the sketch...this is one that i did for valerie salmon's blog 'gotsketch'...it's posted over there, go check out the other takes on it too!
anyways, we are back from cali, and i don't have much time to write, so i will sign off for now, but will be back tomorrow! have a great night!!
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new cousins

here are the pictures of the new cousins...my family hasn't seen pictures of them yet (of the top 2), so i wanted to post some for them...i love how different all 3 of these babies look! they are cousins, but all look very different! this one is of brendan...he is the newest addition, born in october. he is so snuggly, and i just love sitting there holding him...he's at that stage where he still just chills, and isn't trying to wiggle or hold his head up or drool everywhere. yah, this is a good stage.

this is precious delia may...i mean, look at those eyes...she is just about the prettiest thing i have ever seen! i can't stop looking at her when i'm around her, cause those huge eyes just draw me in...she is just so beautiful...and such a sweetheart! i love to get to spend time with these 2 babies, especially since we don't get to see them at this stage for very long!

and of course, we all know milo...just wanted to show the 3 newest additions to the anderson chaos!

well, not much to tell except that we are spending a lot of time with friends and family. we went and visited scott's best friend and his family last night. they have 3 boys...lakai, maddox and rafe...caedmon was so tired and cranky when we got there, so there was definitely a lot of crying and screaming going on because of toys stolen and all that fun stuff. we are planning on going to eat chinese with granny and gong-gong tonight (granny makes me try weird things when we eat chinese...yuck! i'll stick to the sweet and sour chicken, please). and then after that we are traveling to lodi to visit some friends of keith's from college. tomorrow we are going to san fran to visit chinatown...i am so excited! it's always go, go, go with us while we are here...but it kind of has to be...lots to do in such a short time!
well, one more thing...we have told most of our friends and family by now, so it' s safe to post it on the blog :) keith has accepted a job working for campus crusade for christ in orlando, florida...at their headquarters! (yup, reread that line...that is really what i said :) ) they want him to start work by jan. 14th, so we have a few short weeks to spend time with our family and friends, pack, get our house ready to move, find a place down there, move our stuff, and get 2 of our cars down there! crazy, huh? this is the biggest thing we have ever done...and it is no doubt a leap of faith. we trust whole-heartedly that this is where God wants us to be though...and we know that if we didn't go, that we wouldn't be following his will for our lives. as hard as it may be in the beginning, i know the Lord will provide an amazing church family for us, and that through time, it will be easier for us. i have actually had a lot of time to ponder on it (since we've been in cali) and i no longer get completely emotional about it. i now have a bit of an excitement feeling...it's good to know you're following the Lord...he always provides! so, it's a long move from kansas to florida, but we are confident it's the right one! wow, huh? it still makes me speechless when i think about it. are we really doing this?
all right all...thanks for stopping by...will write more tomorrow! later!
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christmas tree hunting

well, today we went to help the esola's pick their christmas tree. we have always had a fake tree...so, it was a fun experience for the kids...to go up into the mountains and get to pick a real tree that was growing from the ground! we got to ride in a trailer, pulled by a tractor, all the way up the mountain. the kids had a blast! it was a lot of fun, and the weather was a crisp 40-50 degrees...it was perfect weather! here is a photo of the incredible view...i could live in the mountains! the beauty is always breath-taking to me...maybe cause i'm not around it...ever!

here is one of caedmon and cousin bailey...they are good buds, so when we come out here, they spend so much time together! and i can't believe i got them to pose for this picture!

well, we had to get one of the fam together...little milo was wrapped up like a burrito!

and here is the hadley...waiting in the tractor trailer to take us back to the bottom of the mountain!

afterwards, we went over to apple hill to get some yummy caramel apples...well, the place was so crowded, and i didn't want to stand in line, so we ended up passing on the apples, and just walked around and tried not to lose all our kids in the crowd! it was a good day, but very tiring. sue and i are about to leave for 'so you think you can dance'...i'm so excited! and, i found some great rainboots today at costco! yah!! i will sport those tonight as well.
we are enjoying our trip and love getting to hang out with the family...it's so good to catch up, and it always feels like we haven't been away that long! caedmon and hadley always jump right in with the cousins and have fun...they love being around them.
well, i've got to go feed milo and then get ready to go to the show!! NEIL, here i come...and this time, i have binoculars!! will write tomorrow!!
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thanksgiving good times...

here are just a few pictures from thanksgiving yesterday with keith's family:
this is one with granny and gong-gong (chinese for grandpa) and all the great grandkids...we are missing one of the grandkids, but here they are! there are 10 under the age of 6! chaos! we always line them up on the couch to take pictures of them, but it's getting to be too many people on one couch!

here is one with milo and grandma sue...who knew milo could be an elvis impersonator?? check out that face!

keith, granny, gong-gong and me! we LOVE when we get to see granny and gong-gong! they are so great!

me and cousin amy! this girl is in high school, but she is totally cool...she will actually have a conversation with you...unlike another high schooler i know...(my sister)...anyways, i love to get to hang out with this girl!

anywho, i won't write much right now as i am SOOO tired! the time change is kicking me in the butt this time! so, i will sign off, but write tomorrow, as i have lots of stories!! hope everyone had a great thanksgiving...i am STILL full from the food!!!
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i am thankful...

that we made it to california! yup, we are here...FINALLY! our plane was on time and everything was going good, UNTIL, we were all sitting on the plane, getting ready to take off...we sat for about 30 minutes, and then the pilot came on and said these exact words "uhhh, hello there...the plane is broken...we need to evacuate this plane...and wait for another one to come in, that can take us to sacramento." ummmm, excuse me? what was that he said? we are going to have to get off this plane and wait around for another one. no, i don't think so. i'll stay on this one, thanks. can you stinkin' believe that happened??? for any of you who have kids and travel, you know that getting on a plane is not an easy task. try doing it twice in about 3o minutes and add getting off the plane too. keith and i just looked at each other and tried to be as positive as we could, but by this point, it was 8:00 and our kids bed time...so, they proceeded to fight the whole next 45 minutes or so in the lobby while we waited for another flight to come in. they were SO cranky and tired, as they didn't take a nap that day cause they were so excited...yah, not fun...but luckily, we were not the only cranky ones, so people weren't just staring at us the whole time. well, our plane finally took off, and only about an hour and a half late, and the pilots made up good time in the air, and we got there only about 45 minutes late...but, it was a looooooooong day! and, i'm so done with southwest airlines...i wish we could all boycott them...they no longer have family pre-boarding anymore. it used to be that families with kids under 5 could pre-board, but not any longer...they let you board by the way you checked in (meaning the first person who checked in for that flight, is the first person that gets to board). well, now a days, you can check in online, UNLESS you have a lap child...so, there were about 6o+ people that boarded before us...and then our turn...we have our double stroller, 2 car seats, 3 children and 2 bags that we are trying to carry on...can you say "holding up the line" cause that is surely what we were doing. but it's not our fault!!! dang southwest...you used to be cool...but not anymore.
anyways, no more complaining cause it's thanksgiving!! i'm so excited to get together with keithie's family today and eat, eat and eat some more. will post some pictures later! hope everyone's day is so great!


my daughter, the holy one

oh, of course...i talked about hadley yesterday and how i think the devil may have possessed her at times...and here she is when i go in to wake her up from her nap...she has fallen asleep with the bible on her. she's so spiritual...what a show off. haha! just kidding...but seriously, i did find her like this...and i couldn't resist snapping a shot...she looks like a grown up, falling asleep with a book on their chest...and it just so happens that she was looking at the bible. too funny. in this picture, she is of course my "sweet hadley bean" again! well, caedmon has been saying some funny things lately...he's fascinated with saying "boobies"...or at least he thinks it's really funny. my grandma informed me the other day that, when they were watching the kids for me, they were eating rice krispie treats, and caedmon made sure to let them know that "milo can't eat any cause he only drinks milk from mommy's boobies"...nice caedmon, TMI. like my grandpa wants to hear that! and, yesterday we were talking about what words start with the letter B...and we said "boy, big bird, ball"...and then caedmon shouts "BOOBIES!" and then proceeds to laugh his head off. great. my 3 year old loves boobies. oh, i could go on and on, but i'll spare you all the boobie stories...as i have many!
yesterday, i walked in to find caedmon changing milo's diaper...he didn't want any help from me...but of course hadley wanted to get in on the action...so, she pulled like 18 wipes from the bucket and started helping caedmon wipe the poo-poo...they of course thought it was the grossest thing ever! but, he changed it...i had to re-do the way the diaper was on afterwards (of course when he wasn't looking) but, i was proud of my little daddy and mommy. and 5 minutes later he was changing it again...oh boy...
well, it was 70* here yesterday...and we woke up to a bitter cold of 30*...and it's supposed to stay this cold...and they are calling for snow...love it. the day that we and a bajillion other people are traveling. sweet.
i hope everyone has safe travels...i just want to be in california already!!!! i will update my blog as much as i can while i'm out there...but if i don't get to it tomorrow, have a great thanksgiving...what are you thankful for this year? bye friends!!
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hey all! well, i can't believe that tomorrow we will be on a plane, flying to california...i am SOOO unprepared! there is just so much to do still...and it's absolutely beautiful weather here today, and of course tomorrow the weather people are calling for snow tomorrow. the only day this week, but it has to be on the busiest traveling day of the year! yikes! our plane doesn't leave until 6 in the evening, so i'm sure we will be caught up in delays and things like that...pray for us! i just want to get there, and not have to deal with all the stresses of flying!
well, i've absolutely realized that my sweet and shy little hadley is no longer so sweet and shy...she is now named "sassy mcfrassy" in my book for the tude she possesses 75% of the day. is it possible for her to be experiencing PMS already? well, as my friend carly said in her blog one day, she believes her kids suffer from "toddler PMS"...ha! how true is this...where, from the moment they wake up, you can't do anything right for them. i just have to leave her rolling around on the dirty floor, until she comes to her senses (hey, it cleans the floor up a little bit...and i usually don't have to sweep that day). i mean, i've given her some leeway, as we all have bad days/mornings...but come on...the tude has to go. i can't handle the "i want this...no, i don't want it...yes, i do want it...no, get it out of my face"...she must have learned this from her brother, cause he does that half of the day as well. toddlers want so bad to be independent, but then need us to do everything for them. i guess i would have a tude too. but, i'm ready for "sassy mcfrassy" to go back to being my "sweet hadley bean". for real.
yesterday was a rough day with caedmon...i mean, could we butt heads anymore than we already do??? i think not. that kid knows exactly what irritates me and does it to the n'th degree. even when the outcome is a spanking, or a time-out or getting his favorite toy taken away. he still does it. i haven't found his "soft spot" yet...something that really works when he is in trouble. oh, please let me find it! he has been sick for like a week and a half now...off and on puking, so we haven't really gone anywhere, so being cooped up isn't helping the annoying factor here. i mean, i love that kid more than anything, and he is so brilliant and loving, but man, he knows how to make me mad. ahhhhhhhh!
well, this is a picture of the advent calendar i am making. ummm, this project took about 3 days longer than expected...and i'm still not finished. there is so much detail on it, that it's taking forever! i am absolutely loving how it turned out though...hopefully i will finish it soon! all right, gotta run...so much to do...i need to peel myself away from the computer screen now!
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milo campbell

i was just thinking that it's been a while since i've posted milo on here...i mean, he was in our family pictures, but i haven't focused on him for quite some time...so here he is, and his new trick. he tries to stick his whole fist in his mouth. little does he know that one day that could win him big bucks in a talent contest or something. go milo! reach for the stars! anyways, he will be 4 months old on the 27th and he is growing very fast! i had to take hadley to the doctor last week, and just for fun, i asked if we could weigh milo. the child weighs 14.9 pounds, while his 2 year old sister weighed 20.9 pounds. he has already doubled his birth weight and he's 3 1/2 months old! don't they usually do that around 6 months?? anyways, needless to say, he is a healthy big boy. i seriously must be making cream for him to drink! milo is also sleeping through the night and has been for like 3 weeks now! (it's my other kids that need to learn to do that, then we could all have some peaceful nights of sleep!) the other kids did not sleep through the night till way later...like at least 9 months, so to have milo doing that...well, let's just say it's a BLESSING! mama was not doing to well when she was getting up every 2 hours to feed the kid. (maybe that contributed to his weight gain??) he has also started rolling, although i've never seen him actually do it...when i go to get him in the mornings, a lot of the times he has rolled onto his back (yes, he is a belly sleeper...all my babies have been, as they sleep sooooo much better that way...please don't call cps on us...thanks!) so, he's just laying there on his back, looking up at me and smiling...i put him on his belly during the day, when i'm watching him, and he never rolls though...so, apparently, he's a closet roller. he is such a joy to have...and i seriously catch myself just staring at him nearly 80% of the time when i'm around him. i know he's mine, but i think he is so handsome! i just love my little quarter-chinese kid!! ( i need to print this out and read it again when he's 3, right? cause i'm sure i won't have these warm, fuzzy feelings still :) )
well, today is a day filled with laundry (what day isn't with 3 kids??). we are preparing to leave for california on wednesday...gotta run!
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a page about me

so, i've always looked through scrapbooking magazines, and thought..."what weirdos" to all those ladies who scrapbooked pages about themselves...but then it hit me...okay, i do all this scrapbooking for my family (hopefully, generations from now)...and i'm hardly ever in any of the pictures...my family won't know anything about me, except that i really loved to scrapbook. so, i'm starting a tradition, where, every family album, i do a page that is all about myself...and what i'm like that year...i LOVE the idea! i will also do a page about keith as well (which coordinates with this one...his page will be right next to mine...and he's holding my hand in the pic...i'll post that one too when it's finished!) i just think that i would have loved to sit down and read things like this about my parents...i'm always interested in knowing what they were like when they were young, so this would have been awesome to have. so, i hope my kids appreciate it as much as i'm hoping, and don't think to themselves "what weirdos."
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i love thursdays

well, normally i love thursdays, because both my kids are in school, and i get the day to run errands and all that good stuff...but like the past 3 thursdays one of my kids have been sick, so i haven't been able to enjoy my thursdays. same thing with today...caedmon threw up last night...again...ugh. i'm done with the sickness that is being passed around my kids and our friends kids. everyone seems to have been affected by this stomach bug, and it doesn't seem to be going away! it's like 'attack of the stomach bug'...anyways, we need to be healthy for our trip next week, so i am praying amazing healing powers from the Lord to be blessed upon our family! for real! i can not travel with kids that are throwing up...no way, jose.
tonight is my fun night of television as well...my favorite show in the past has been the office or grey's anatomy, but i have to say now that it's e.r. that i can't miss every week...and it looks like it's going to be a good one tonight! i still LOVE the office...well, i LOVE every show on NBC on thursday nights...if only i had a tivo...or a vcr. do they even make vcr's anymore? we would probably get laughed at when we bought one.
okay, i just have to say check this girls blog out...she cracks me up...i'm not kidding when i say she should be a writer...for real. her posts are funny, and always what i'm thinking at the time. i mean, her blog link is called 'wake up and smell the baby'...how funny is that...and how true? anyways, check her out...she's a hoot! and can i just say that i'm proud of myself because i have mastered 'nacho libres' voice to a perfection...i have, just ask my husband...the other night on the way to small group we were quoting it like crazy, and i seriously could be jack blacks voice-over or something...my imitation of him is that good. yes, it's the little things that make me happy :)
this mothers day page was sooooo simple...i love the chipboard flowers set from su! and i finally got to use some of it on this page. i plan on making a christmas garland with it as well...will let you know how that turns out! i hope to scrap today...since caedmon isn't feeling well, he'll probably just chill out on the couch most of the day...which is fine with me! i've also got to get to work on some christmas projects...wish me luck! have a great day...and thanks for stopping by :)


amazing family photos!

oh my gosh...i got the cd from miss allyson today and the pictures are soooo good!! it's so stinkin' hard to choose! can i put all 100 or so on my christmas card??? yah, people would love that :) here are just a few, and they are mainly of keith and i, cause the kids did not feel like cooperating...but, they still turned out great! i mean, seriously, they are good. and i can't choose between black and white and color...i love the color because the green and yellow doors...but i love the vintage look of black and white. ohhhhh, the decisions!
good news! my friend jeanna had her baby!! a little girl, named lucy...she was born yesterday and everyone's doing great! i hope to go visit sometime today!
well, short post today, but i've got my workshop this afternoon, so i need to go get things done for that! thanks for looking!

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treat box

i decided to give this treat box a try...i've seen it all over some stamping blogs lately...thanks to beate and her tutorial, making this box was a piece of cake! i am going to give it to my hostess tomorrow as a thank you gift...she is a teacher, so i figured she could put it on her desk...i think pens and pencils would fit nicely in here. this box is made out of a 12 x 12 size piece of card stock...so you can kind of get an idea of how big it is...i love it, and it was SUPER easy to make! it would be good to hold candy, treats, any small item that you may need a little gift basket for! if you decide to make one, make sure to leave me a comment and link it up so i can see how yours turned out! check out the tutorial up above for complete instructions! happy treat box making!

yeah for gilmore girls!

many exciting news today! first off baby evan made it successfully through his surgery! praise God! they have not updated the blog on how the surgery went, they just let everyone know that he is doing well, and that the surgery was a success! i know that is such a relief for sooooo many people :) God is good all the time!
second thing...congrats to my amazing friend (and also stampin' up downline) allyson...she won the stampin' up photo contest!!! yahhhhh, allyson! she is the one that takes the amazing photos all the time, so it's no surprise that she won, but we are still stoked for her! her pictures will be on a future stampin' up cover! congrats :)
thirdly, in honor of my favorite show ever, i am playing the gilmore girls music today...the show's 7th and final (sniff, sniff) season came out on dvd today, and i don't think i can resist waiting until christmas to get it. i'm sad that the show ended...it was the best show ever, and i have every season on dvd if you want to catch up :)
and lastly (is that a word??) the winner of the blog candy is (randomly drawn from a hat entries 1 - 41)...................................entry #11...................carly!! and how funny is this...she is my neighbor?!?! so carly, i will walk your goodies over later :) congrats and thanks everyone for playing!!
have a wonderful day!


lots o' blogs

ugh, is it really monday morning again??? it just was! how can monday's come so fast, but fridays take forever to get here?? anywho, well this is a page that i made for valerie's sketch blog...it's posted on her blog all week long! click here to see it :) i followed a sketch that she made and came up with this page. her blog is really good if you feel like you're in a creative juice slump...i LOVE sketches...they make me whip out pages a lot faster than normal! well, i have some friends who have started some blogs recently...check them out here and here. melissa is a good friend who found me through the demo locator for stampin' up! i'm so glad she did, because soon after, i invited her to MOPS, and she has become a good friend! she is new to the area, so it's nice to help her connect with other moms :) carly is my neighbor...she and her husband are in our small group as well. they are just about one of the funniest couples we have ever met...it's never a dull moment with them and i LOVE them for that! i look so forward to becoming even closer friends with carly...she is a hoot! so check out their blogs and give them some blog lovin'...it's much appreciated :)
on a different note, some friends of ours from church had a baby a little over a week ago...soon after it was found that little evan has a heart condition...he will be undergoing open heart surgery this morning around 10. please keep the vonmoss family in your prayers all day today, as it's going to be a long surgery/day for the whole family. i just can't even imagine what they are going through...i look at my 3 kiddos and just can't imagine experiencing that with any of them...my heart just hurts for this family, but i know that this precious baby is in God's loving hands, and that He will take care of them...the doctors are very optimistic about this surgery, and they say evan is a prime candidate for it. check out their blog here. you can get the full story there as well. so, i will be thinking of them all day today, and i hope that when you read this and their blog, you will say a prayer for them as well.
i will end this post on a lighter note...caedmon just came up to me and said "mom, i dreamed about nacho libre last night"...yah, you know your son watches too much nacho libre when he walks around quoting it, and then when he tells you he was dreaming of it. that's funny.



okay, thanks to a good friend of keith's, i now have a picture that i can blackmail him with. well, actually i have tons of pics like that, but come on, this is funny! a picture of him from high school...and yes, he still looks this young! sorry stef, i couldn't resist posting this picture!! keith thinks he's such a stud in this pic. how funny.

beate's sketch challenge

the great beate is having another weekend sketch (she actually does one every weekend, i just have not participated in a while!) anywho, here is my take on the sketch...whenever there is a circle in the sketch, i always put a scallop behind it...my circles look naked without them! well, i got to scrap AGAIN last night...it's nice when your not happy with your husband...you can retreat to your craft area and really pump out some good work :) i got a few layouts done, another one is for valerie salmon's blog, but it won't be posted until after thanksgiving...so, you shall have to wait as well :) well, i hope to go over to allyson's house tonight and scrap some more...all depending on if my husband is okay with that though...i should probably ask, huh?
i can't believe that it's november and keith and the kids are playing outside! i mean, it's a little chilly, but normally we are inside from like november to april...it's just too darn cold! well, i am trying to get prepared for our trip to california (we leave the day before thanksgiving). yah, i am not looking forward to flying with 3 children, the night before thanksgiving...can you say stressful? i just am hoping that our flight is on time...that everything goes smoothly, to get us to cali on time...delays in flights do not work well with toddlers. i can only imagine being stuck with 3 children for like hours in the airport. yikes! the germs too...yuck. anyways...we'll see how it goes. this will be milo's first trip to see the anderson family! i know they are excited to meet him...we can't wait! and, other super exciting news...i will be seeing 'so you think you can dance' AGAIN!!! yup, it's my mother-in-law's fave show as well, so we will be going to see them, while we are in sacramento...i'm stoked!
well, i've got to run, but just wanted to say thanks for all the comments on my blog candy post...some of them are making me laugh pretty hard! thanks everyone :) there is still time to enter in blog candy...you have until tuesday morning. thanks :)


3peas goodies!

okay, so i'm like 4 days overdue for this, but it's time for blog candy! i am so thankful to you all for checking out my blog and leaving me kind comments, so in honor of my 5,000+ hits and my 100th post, i am giving away these goodies! there is a ton of 6 x 6 designer paper, an oversized clothespin to alter, lots of ribbon, lots of scallop circle punch outs, a copic marker, new bottle of stickles, craft glue and a stamp. so if you want to win, then you need to leave me a comment...but not just any comment...i want to know an interesting fact about you...and bonus points if you make me laugh :) i will draw a random winner tuesday morning (11/13). and as much as i love my friends across the ocean, i have to ask that only u.s. and canadians enter...i do not have the cash to send this over the ocean...unless i win the lottery between now and tuesday (which i don't even play the lottery, so that may be hard). sorry gals...thanks for understanding :) all right...go, leave a comment!
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