that is my motto for this year.
simplify my life, in any way that i can.
so, first to go?
this blog.
i know, it's sad.
this blog got me started in the blogging world.
and i love this blog.
but it's time to let it go, as i don't do it justice.
i used to be able to post so often on here, but keeping up with 2 blogs has taken it's toll on me.
i will still be posting over on this blog.
so visit me there.
it will be a combination of mama stuff, crafty stuff and just all around fun stuff.
i will no longer be posting my scrapbooking pages on my blog, but instead over in my SIS gallery as well as my CMK gallery.
no need to post the pages in 3 different places.
simplify people, simplify.
so, if you still want to keep up with me (i promise, you won't be disappointed) then join me over here...make sure to update your google readers too!
thanks friends!
i'm closing the comments on this blog, but make sure to let me know that you've stopped by on my other one!