bday party

hadley doing what she does best...saying "cheese" for the camera!

keith and i...wish the dang car wasn't in the background!

grandpa and his ipod nano!

we celebrated my grandpa's 79th birthday this weekend...we had a big bbq with lots and lots of yummy food (my mom has 7 brothers and 3 sisters, so yes, there is always LOTS of food!) anywho, quick and funny story...my mom got my grandpa an ipod nano for his birthday...so, he puts it on (he's never used one of these things before) and we turn the music on for him and here is his exact quote "well, oh my, how did you get that record in this thing." dead serious. we were all laughing sooo hard! we then proceeded to tell him how the ipod nano works, and no, they don't make miniature records now, you download songs. he was quite fascinated. anyways, thought you all would enjoy that story :) i'll be back tomorrow with something creative to post! i've been working on some wedding programs (175 to be exact) and that's pretty much taken up my time this weekend! until tomorrow...see ya!

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