a card and a bumbo

i know, it's been forever since i've posted a card on here!! well, here ya go! this is one i made for a su! contest. they wanted cards made with the tapestry collection...i NEVER use this stamp set...even though it was a must have when i bought it...i used it for about a day and then stopped...i don't know...i always have trouble finding inspiration when i use it...i guess it's really not my style after all. anyways, i do like this size of card...square 5 1/2 x 5 1/2. i just can't stand to pay the extra shipping on square cards. that sucks! well onto my other pictures...

have you all seen one of these chairs?? it's a bumbo chair, and my grandparents wanted to buy baby milo something, so i suggested this cause i've seen it around, and thought it would be good to have...and oh my, it's about the coolest thing ever! milo is not even 2 months old (he will be tomorrow!) and he can chill in this thing! he looks like a little sumo wrestler...he is part asian, so i guess he should :) but, i really do love this chair...he just sits in it, while i do dishes, or work in my craft area...and he just stares up at me from the bumbo. his neck eventually gets tired and he starts folding over, but for the 10 minutes that he can hold it up right now, it's great! if you are having a baby soon, or already have a little one, buy one of these things or borrow it from someone...they are great!

and now, on to one more thing...i am so into music...i love to find new music...and i have found the best 2 artists EVER! check them out on itunes...regina spektor, and ingrid michaelson. if you are a grey's anatomy fan, you will recognize ingrid's song, keep breathing. it was in the finale (where christina freaks out and needs to take off her wedding dress at the end). anyways, check them out. they are fabulous!
have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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