crazy day

hey all! wow...it has been a crazy day and a half! my kids had school yesterday from 9-3...they came home and we went to our small group, that started last night, from 6-9...came home, gave baths, went to bed, and then all 3 of our kids decided to be up all night. if one wasn't up, then the other was up...they must plan that, ya know?? i mean, how does that always happen, that if one kid gets up, then surely the rest will get up...i mean, i feel like just sitting in our hallway with a book or something, and not even attempting to go to sleep, because i know it's coming...one of them is going to wake me up! and they do it at all different times...one will wake up and then just when they calm down and you go and almost fall asleep, another one will arouse...ahhhhh! the joys of motherhood, right? so, this morning we had to be up and out of the house by 8, because our MOPS group started today. and it was raining this morning...it would have been a great morning to sleep in...which is exactly what my kids wanted to do...i had to pry them out of bed...then to top all things off, after MOPS, we go and i get everyone strapped into the van, and my dang car won't start...are you kidding me?? i grab my pastor to have him come and look at the car and he can't get it started either (it's not a battery issue). so we arrange for someone to come give me a ride, and in the process it starts down-pouring...so, my 3 kids and i are sitting in my car, windows up, no air on...and it's blazing hot, for like 10 minutes while the rain pours. finally it stops and we get out, get in the other car and make it home....ahhhhh! (not to mention, during this whole ordeal, my kids are starving and complaining and my littlest one has had a poop explosion in his diaper, so he is screaming...ah, so fun.) i want to sleep for like 10 days straight! what a stressful couple of hours!
anyways, so needless to say, i have not had anytime to create anything. this is a name sign i made for a customer of mine a while back. she wanted it to be a western theme, and i found that sheriff stamp and the horseshoe stamp in the $ section at michaels. it fit perfectly! i really do like how it turned out! okay, have a great day...and thanks for listening to my ranting and raving! sometimes it just feels good to get it out!!
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