family wreath

i am so excited! i made this incredible wreath last night...it really looks sooooooo much better in person...when i took the pictures, it was dark outside, so the lighting wasn't fantastic. anywho, it's a family wreath, and i just took some of my favorite pictures and decorated them with cardstock and some stamps, and hung them with ribbon. if you are in my mops group, get excited, cause this is what we are doing at our next mops meeting! yahhhhh! oh, i just can't tell ya how much prettier this thing is in person.
also, if you are wanting to buy one of these from me, i would be more than happy to make one for your family...they would make great gifts! email me if so at emilymaeanderson@gmail.com.

all right, and here is an up close shot of the wording. i will post pictures of the other ornaments too...blogger only let's me post a few pictures at a time...does anybody know how to get around that? or is that just the way it is with blogger. thanks all! and have a fabulous weekend!!!!
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