i love this kid...

caedmon...i really do love this kid...even though, in all his glorious ways, he drives me crazy!! i never knew how much a boy would need to act like a boy (mothers of sons...do you know what i mean??). i mean, take this story for example: so, my toilet has been leaking water down around the bottom of it and back behind it...so, i called our maintenance man, and he came out to take a look at it...he then completely pulled the toilet up and sealed up something down there...let's just say, it was lots of work for him. well, the next morning, i went in there and there was TONS of water leaking again. clearly, whatever he did, didn't fix it. so i called him again, and he came by again (this time, while we were running errands). when i got home, he had left me a message and this is what it said "yah, hi emily, i checked your toilet again, and it's not leaking...i looked everywhere on it, and there is nothing that could be leaking on it...so i got down closer to the water, and i think it's actually pee." OH MY GOSH! i had to stop the message right there, because i was SOOO embarrassed. so i took my little caedmon into the bathroom and asked him "have you been pee-pee-ing into the toilet", and he got this devil look on his face and said "nooooo"...i said "you show me right now where you have been pee-pee-ing"...he proceeded to point to the floor, the wall behind the toilet, the floor behind the toilet, and pretty much anywhere but the toilet. oh my goodness...i couldn't believe it! i had made the maintenance man come out not once, but TWICE to fix my leaky toilet, when in reality, it was my son's pee!!! let's just say, we had a long, apologizing conversation with the man, and luckily, he was very understanding about it. now, my son can't go potty with adult supervision. and so, if my son has gone pee-pee at your house recently, you might want to check around the toilet...he may have missed a little!
well, have a great day...and a great weekend!!
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