scrapbook pages

i was able to go to a crop this weekend, and i accomplished quite a bit...none that i'm completely proud of though. i'm almost complete with my 2006 family album...and i've saved all the pages that i didn't want to do for last, so i have kind of a lack of motivation, because i'm not excited about doing those pages. these will be the only pages i show you, as the other ones, are not that great...anywho...i never knew what to do with those huge pictures you get when you get your kids pictures taken...well, now i've started scrapbooking them...i'm not one to put them on the wall or anything like that. i'm a black and white kind of girl, so if it's color, it's probably not going to go in a frame. i love these pics of my kids...so cute :)
okay, well i've got to run and get ready for a make-n-take tonight, and as i type, my kids are running around in circles hitting each other with weeble wobbles, and my little man is screaming his head off, so i must cut this short and go do the mommy thing. have a great day and thanks for looking!
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