here is the final page that i got completed friday night. it will go in our family album, and it's caedmon, at the glorious age of 3, and all of his favorites! it was fun to do :) i had a couple people ask me about our kiddos names, and where we found them...so here are the answers. we first heard of caedmon through the band "caedmon's call"... we looked up the meaning, and loved what it meant...wise warrior...what a great meaning for a boy's name...caedmon already shows signs of being a wise warrior...so, it fits him perfect! his middle name is josiah, which is originally what i wanted his first name to be, but caedmon won out...so, it's caedmon josiah. hadley is one that came to me in a dream...seriously...sounds all cooky, but, i woke up one night and had the name "hadley" in my head, so i wrote it down on a piece of paper that i keep by my bed...well, the very next morning, my best friend called and said, "em, i thought of the perfect name last night for your baby girl...hadley"...okay, that was it...it had to be hadley...it was a sign from the big man himself! he made both of us think of the same name around the same time...it was crazy! her middle name is 'good', which was my great grandmothers last name. she passed away just a few short months before sweet hadley good was born...so, we saw it fitting to name her after grandma...she would have loved to meet hadley! milo is one that i have loved for a while, but i always thought it sounded rather italian-esque...and we are the farthest things away from italian...my husband is chinese and i think i have some german in my background...so, yah, no italian. well, it took a lot of convincing, to make my husband even consider it...but in the end...i won!! we didn't name him until after he was born, and we debated between 'adler' and 'milo'...i'm SO glad we chose milo...he just looks like a little milo :) his middle name is campbell, which i would have chosen for a first name, but it's one of those names that could go for a boy or a girl...and i've heard stories from my sister-in-law (who named her son bailey) that everyone would always think bailey was a girl...even after they knew his name...even their doctor would be like "how's she doing"...yah, that would annoy me!!! so, i wanted a name that everyone knew was male! so, that's the story with my kids names...names are soooo important to me...and i'm always looking for new ones...always keeping my eye out...even though we are not even thinking of having another one yet...it's just always good to have some in the back of your mind!
well, thanks for stopping by, and just wanted to say that i've soooooo appreciated everyone's kind comments on my blog...if you have a blog, you know how good it feels to see people's nice words in your comment section, so THANK YOU everyone!! and keep 'em coming :) i'm out!
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