plain and simple

i needed to make some quick and simple birthday cards, and this is what i came up with...i can't get enough of that scallop cirlce! it's the giga scallop punch from marvy uchida (that's for you allyson d!).
i'm so glad it's thursday! thursday's are by far my favorite days...the kids are at school, we don't have to be anywhere tonight, so we put the kids to bed early and watch our favorite shows...i love thursdays!! i'm so excited for the office, but a little bummed that they put it up against grey's anatomy...we are one of the very few in this country who do not have a tivo (or cable for that matter...yep, it's the trusty antenna that we live with)...so, i have to choose one...and of course the office will always be the one chosen!! i can't miss it, and then miss out on speaking "office" talk all week with my husband...we love to quote the funny lines :) i'd rather watch something that will make me pee my pants because i'm laughing so hard, instead of something that makes me cry or get emotional over, because of the drama. ya know?
well, what to do today...i have a list written out that says "laundry, dishes, dust, sleep"...but i think i will go stamp instead! have a great day...thanks for stopping by!
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