rainy day

i made this sweet sign for hadley 'bean'...it will go in her room...i had made one for caedmon a while back, and i felt like she was sad cause she didn't have one, so i got some cute paper that matched her room, and quickly made this one...she hasn't seen it yet, but i know she'll love it!
well, today is my open house...wish me luck! i didn't make hardly anything for it, and the things that i did make, i know exactly where they will go if i don't sell them...some things will go in my house, and some things will be given as christmas presents. so, i won't be disapointed if things don't go to well!! hopefully i can get some orders though, that is what i need! okay, well take care...it is dark, rainy and cold here today...a perfect day to stay in bed...oh wait, i have 3 babies...yah, those days of staying in bed are LOOOONG gone!!
dang it :) have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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