today has been a busy day...caedmon had school today, and his "fall party"...so, he had to wear his costume as well...and at 10:00 this morning, they had a parade to show off all the kids costumes...i of course walked in about 1 minute too late, and i missed caedmon's class...i will get to see it on thursday, but i was sad to miss it! i just finished making the yummiest pumpkin chocolate chip cookies ever (thanks to allison for the recipe!). it's our snack for small group tonight, but i must say that if small group doesn't happen soon, i may eat them all! they are delicious!! back to caedmon's costume...i read this on another blog, and thought it so perfectly applied to our life right now...it said something like this "if you have to wrestle your child into their lion costume all while saying "you WILL be a lion, you WILL be a lion"...does it take the fun out of halloween, and deflate the halloween spirit in your child?" how stinkin' true is this?? caedmon was so excited to be a pumpkin, then wanted to be buzz lightyear, then wanted to be a lion, then this morning wanted to be a pirate...each time i say "no, you're going to be a pumpkin, we already decided this"...so, i just knew that putting his pumpkin costume on this morning, would be something like that...wrestling him, all while saying "you WILL be a pumpkin, and you WILL love it"...but amazingly, he was excited to put that costume on...thank goodness! i was not looking to fight with him this morning! well, we have our first small group tonight! i am excited! keith and i have been felt led to open up our home and invite some neighbors into it, and have a small group...so, it starts tonight, and i couldn't be more excited!
this scrapbook page is one that i made at the crop...i love those cursive stickers...they add so much to my pages! i never thought i would be putting stickers back on my scrapbook pages...i so banned them about a year and a half ago...vowing only to use stamps from them on out...well, i guess life changes, and so do we! well, i'm out...and to all of you who say you read my blog everyday, and have never left me a comment, then leave me a comment! it's so easy...and i love to know who's out there and reading it! it stinks when i see my counter has gone up like 30 hits, but i have no new comments...come on you blog stalkers :) start letting people know you're here! but seriously, i love you all and am so thankful you even decide to read this little old blog of mine! thanks!!

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