good morning all :) my good friend allyson came over last night and we got to do some scrapbooking! i got 3 layouts done, all of which i love!! it feels good to get pages done! i know i'll never be caught up in my scrapbooking, but i can at least try and hope, right? :) i used a layout from this website. it's packed with beautiful sketches...and i've found that recently, i work so much better when i have a sketch in front of me...it's nice to not have to think about it :) well, i had a lot of fun last night, and got a lot of work done too (thanks for hanging out allyson!!)
well, my husband comes home later this afternoon...i hope to be able to leave when he gets home, so i can go and find my sanity again...i've lost it. 3 kids demanding everything from you for a few days is quite exhausting! i need a break!
okay, have a great weekend...thanks for checking in...and keep leaving those comments...i love to see how people found this blog...and where they are visiting from!!
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