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good morning! i am doing a workshop next week for a group of teachers...one of them arranges it, holds it at her school, and invites all her teacher buddies to come and hang out and make some fun goodies! here is one of the projects we will be doing...she wanted me to keep them fairly simple, so i thought this one was perfect. it's a giftcard holder box...and i just used one of the flower petals from 'pick a petal' (is that the right name??) and cut them out and pieced them on this box...it's so much cuter in real life (isn't it always?). the saying is from my 'so many sayings'...that i cut apart and mounted on jenga blocks. so, anyways, this is project #1...i'll show you the rest this week!
so, the pumpkin party was a success! hadley and her little friends had fun painting pumpkins, eating pizza, playing with her new toys and of course, eating cupcakes and cookies! here is a pic of the yummy cupcakes...and the pumpkins they got to decorate (i had leftover decorative pumpkins, so they just painted those!)

and of course, caedmon had to have a friend over too...her is one of his best buddies, brookie! it's been a while since they've gotten to play with each other, so they, of course had a blast hanging out and being silly together!

hadley painting the pumpkin...look at that concentration! i couldn't get hadley to be done with the painting...all the other kiddos were done in like 5 or 10 minutes, but she would have sat there all day long painting...yeah! mommy's so proud of her...she's my aspiring art major...takes after her mama!

and, one more thing...the fabulous allyson took AMAZING family photos of us sunday night...the night itself was stressful with a capital "S", but i was so pleased with the sneak peak allyson put on her blog...i can't wait to see the rest of them!! check them out here! i just love that allyson can take pictures of us, and i don't even have to tell her how i want them...she just knows...and i'm always pleased with what she does...we think the same way when it comes to the style of photography that we like...so, i love to have her take our pics!
have a great day...and thanks for stopping by...oh yah, check back soon, as i'm going to have some blog candy up for grabs, cause i've just posted my 100th post! and i've surpassed 5,000 hits! WOW! thanks all!
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