lots o' blogs

ugh, is it really monday morning again??? it just was! how can monday's come so fast, but fridays take forever to get here?? anywho, well this is a page that i made for valerie's sketch blog...it's posted on her blog all week long! click here to see it :) i followed a sketch that she made and came up with this page. her blog is really good if you feel like you're in a creative juice slump...i LOVE sketches...they make me whip out pages a lot faster than normal! well, i have some friends who have started some blogs recently...check them out here and here. melissa is a good friend who found me through the demo locator for stampin' up! i'm so glad she did, because soon after, i invited her to MOPS, and she has become a good friend! she is new to the area, so it's nice to help her connect with other moms :) carly is my neighbor...she and her husband are in our small group as well. they are just about one of the funniest couples we have ever met...it's never a dull moment with them and i LOVE them for that! i look so forward to becoming even closer friends with carly...she is a hoot! so check out their blogs and give them some blog lovin'...it's much appreciated :)
on a different note, some friends of ours from church had a baby a little over a week ago...soon after it was found that little evan has a heart condition...he will be undergoing open heart surgery this morning around 10. please keep the vonmoss family in your prayers all day today, as it's going to be a long surgery/day for the whole family. i just can't even imagine what they are going through...i look at my 3 kiddos and just can't imagine experiencing that with any of them...my heart just hurts for this family, but i know that this precious baby is in God's loving hands, and that He will take care of them...the doctors are very optimistic about this surgery, and they say evan is a prime candidate for it. check out their blog here. you can get the full story there as well. so, i will be thinking of them all day today, and i hope that when you read this and their blog, you will say a prayer for them as well.
i will end this post on a lighter note...caedmon just came up to me and said "mom, i dreamed about nacho libre last night"...yah, you know your son watches too much nacho libre when he walks around quoting it, and then when he tells you he was dreaming of it. that's funny.