so many sayings

this is for all of my stampin' up! peeps out there...so, i have had the "so many sayings" hostess set just sitting around forever, unmounted. i couldn't handle the fact that all those great sayings were all stuck together...there are about 30 sayings, and only 3 blocks. su! wants you to marker the saying you want and stamp it that way...no way, not for me...too hard. so, i read this BRILLIANT idea on another blog (forgive me, i can't remember who!)...she bought a cheap jenga set (i bought the knock off version which was only $3.99)...i then proceeded to cut apart all my sayings, and i mounted them on the different jenga blocks...do you all remember jenga? the crazy balance game? anyways, this idea was amazing, and now i have all of the sayings mounted on different blocks, so i can ACTUALLY use them! nice, huh?? here are a few pictures for all my visual learners out there! have a great night!
step 1: buy the jenga

step 2: cut the rubba

step 3: mount them on the jenga blocks...and voila!

now, i just have to find a place to store them........
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