some scrapping

during nap time yesterday, i was able to sit down and scrap a little bit...i completed 2 pages for milo's book...one of them i can't show until after sunday, because it will be on valerie salmon's 'gotsketch' blog...she emailed and asked if i would complete a layout for one of her sketches! how exciting! so, anyways, i love how the one for her blog turned out, so i am very excited to show you on sunday! this page is milo's birth announcement...i had so many of those 2 x 2 pictures left, so i knew i wanted to incorporate it into the scrapbook page somehow...i love how it turned out...all those pictures of milo are so precious!
well, i am home with a sick girl today...as we were all bundled up and ready to head to school this morning, hadley decided to throw up...yuck! if it were anybody else's throw up, i probably would have done the same, but amazingly, i can handle my kids throw up...thank goodness! so, caedmon is at school, but hadley stayed home...they were going to have her birthday celebration today too! hopefully they re-do it :) well, i'm feeling much better today...compared to yesterday...it was just a long day, with a naughty 3 year old...can you moms relate?? by lunchtime, caedmon was in his room for the rest of the day...i just told him 'i'm done dealing with this, so you have to stay in your room'...and he did...he came out for dinner, but then after that went right upstairs, got his jammies on and went to bed. he knew the bad choices he made, and i think he felt bad about them...he realized mama wasn't joking about staying in his room. one part of my plan did backfire though...i told him that he had to stay there until his daddy came home...and then daddy was going to have to give him a spanking...well, then keith was late from work...and then went straight to youth group...so, he didn't even get home until about 9:00...caedmon kept asking "when's daddy coming home"...finally i had to say "okay, you're not going to get a spanking cause daddy won't be home until you are in bed"...so, he managed to get out of that...but i think having him stay in his room all day was punishment enough for his bad choices...so, oh well!
well, i've got a hungry baby to feed, so i must go! have a great day :)

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