a fraction of the story

oh my gosh! i haven't seen the internet for 5 friggin' days!! seriously, our dsl was hooked up bright and early monday morning, but we were having connection issues, so it didn't start working until late this afternoon. for real y'all, i never want to be without my love (a.k.a. the internet) again! so, as you can see in the pic...we made it to florida! yeah!!! the drive was a looooooooong one, but none the less we made it.
it's amazing how slow time can go when you are stuck in the car for 20+ hours...it was probably a good thing that i couldn't get on to blog for a couple days, cause my brain has been so fried...i would probably have typed jibber jabber. so, the road trip. everyone wants to know about how it was, and what more is there to say than: 3 kids. 20 hours. one car. thank goodness that my step-sister came with me, otherwise, it would have been about a 48 hour trip, with all the stops i would have had to make. i so wanted to get out at each "state sign" and take a picture, but when it came down to it...getting to florida an extra 5 minutes later, did not sound very appealing. so instead, we just looked at the signs as we drove quickly past them. it was fine...at least i got the florida pic! now, if i ever thought about complaining about having to be in the van with all of the kids, i just quickly thought about driving this thing:
yah, no thank you. i'll take the van with the screaming children, rather than the 24 ft. u-haul, complete with an infiniti being pulled behind. keith still has a headache from the jiggling he did the whole 1246 miles. the worse part? he couldn't drive over 65 miles per hour. luckily for keith as well, my step-mom's dad, otis, drove with him...that made me at least feel better...ya know? in case anything happened to the u-haul on the side of the road, at least otis would have been there too. BUT, thankfully, nothing happened to either of our transportation...we made it in one piece!! this is a pic of the one nap that the kids took the entire trip. yah, one nap. fun. and comfy, don't you think? my neck has a kink in it, just from looking at this picture.
here's our little caedmon driving. just kidding. but, isn't he cute?
well, when we arrived to our house, keith's new co-workers were waiting there to help us unload all of our stuff (and there was a lot of stuff!) not only were they there to help, but they had brought bags of grocery items that we may need the first couple of days! how nice was that?? their kindness blew us away...we were definitely so thankful for that! they unloaded the u-haul in less than an hour. now, we have the fun job of sorting through everything, and trying to make this house our "home"...which it won't take long, cause i'm loving it! we went to IKEA last night...and i spent way too much money :) i mean, come on though, i've never lived less than 10 hours away from an IKEA, so of course i'm gonna go crazy! our big purchase was a couch and ottoman...oh, it's a beauty! i love it!! and, i got a desk and shelves and some other goodies for my scrap room!!! yeah!!! so, otis and amy helped today by setting up my table and shelving in my room...i will take pictures soon! it's looking pretty :) well, i have soooooo much more to write, but it's late here, and i've got to get to bed and get some good rest. i am fighting this cold/flu bug...yuck. take care y'all...and thanks for stopping by...i missed you all!!! g-night!