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well, so amy & otis left today, to fly back to kansas. they were such a HUGE help to us this past weekend...i do not know what we would have done without them...a huge thanks to you all...you know that we are so grateful, but we can never say it enough! they helped with everything while they were here! and not to mention, that amy photo documented a lot of the road trip, so i'm super thankful to have those memories! thanks amy :) it was sad to say good-bye, and also hard because we were at the airport, and you know how you can't stand there for too long or they might come arrest ya, so we had to say quick good-byes...but i wanted to hug a lot longer! driving home, it really hit me...okay, this is real...i think having them here lessened the blow of being in a new place, away from everyone that i know and love...so, when i was driving home, i all of a sudden felt very...lonely. i know that friends and family will come visit, but at the same time, the dreaded time will always come when we have to say good-bye yet again. and i just don't want to do that, ya know? i want the best of both worlds, with our friends and family and this amazing job opportunity all in one place. but, that is just not how God wanted it for us right now. so, for now, we are here...but i know that i can quickly meet new people (which i already did, and i will tell about shortly), but it still feels lonely. i dunno, i just hate being this far away, but at the same time, i love this new place that i am in. that is exactly why "bittersweet" is the perfect word for this life change.
so, onto some more happier things :) here are a couple pictures that amy took of the kids this weekend. this is the playground right outside...it's a perfect size for the kids, and there are a couple benches, shaded by palm trees, that i can relax on and watch them.

oh, and look how big milo is getting! amy took this on one of our stops during the road trip...i can't believe he's almost 6 months old! he is such a happy baby...so easy...loves his big brother and big sister...they entertain him quite often. he's rolling all over the place now...and he must have his pacifier (or "pucky" as we call it) 80% of the day. the remaining 20% of the time he is eating. so, he's always sucking on something :) he is such a joy.

here is our pool, which is almost directly outside our house...it's heated too! it's funny cause orlando is having a "cold front" right now...you can so tell that we are not from around here, cause when we went outside to play, my kids had on shorts and t-shirts, and all the other kids had winter coats and hats on. i'm all "are you kidding me???" it's nice out here! anyways...we are getting used to this warm weather...actually it didn't take long to get used too. i am a warm blooded individual, so i don't know how i ever survived in the cold :)

can't wait to try the pool out!
well, everything in the house is slowly, but surely coming together. i think the secret is going one room at a time, and completing that room, before moving on to something else. i would start something and get sidetracked, and i ended up with more piles of junk strewn about the house...it was not looking pretty. but today, i finished hadley's room and 2 of our bathrooms. it felt good to get those complete. tomorrow...my scrap room (i can't wait!!) and the boys room. i think, if i go at this pace, i won't get burned out...and things will get done. oh yah, forgot to mention that my dishwasher doesn't work. if you know me personally, then you know that i have not had a dishwasher for like the last 5 years of my life (my mother in law is probably thinking "so what...i never use a dishwasher"...and yes sue, i think you're crazy for that!!! :) ) but anyways, when we got here, our dishwasher was broken, and so they sent someone out on tuesday to look at it. his response was "i'll be back next tuesday to fix it, i need to order a part". A WEEK??? are you kidding me? i have to wait a week for this bad boy to work? ugh. fine, i'll hand wash my dishes for one more week. when you've been doing it this long, what's one more week, eh? oh, but for real...the internet and my dishwasher...the 2 things that i so badly wanted to work when i got here...and they were both not working! hmmm...weird.
oh yah again, we met a really nice family that lives 3 doors down...we ended up having a lot in common...random things, but still. like, he is half asian and she is white...my husband is half asian, and i am (of course) white...as if you couldn't tell. they have an almost 4 year old and a 1 1/2 year old. caedmon and the older girl had fun playing "super robot" and "princess"...she's going to be a testy one, i can tell ya that much...caedmon has a lot to watch out for...the mom, christine, stays home during the day...and steve (her husband) works at crusade too! he rides his bike...but not just any bike...one of those old banana seater...wide handle bar bikes. how cool is that? keith and him can "ride bikes" together to work. funny. anyways, so they are nice, and i see some play dates in the near future. not sure how much i have in common with her, but doesn't hurt to find out, right? we also have a church we are going to check out this week...keith's boss goes there and he has been telling us about it for quite sometime...it definitely looks like a church we would dig...so, pray that it goes well. we really need to find a "home". anywho...i miss all of you! i can't wait to actually sit down and catch up on lots of blogging that i've missed. and i promise to post pics of the place once i get it looking decent :)
i'm falling asleep at the wheel, so....goodnight!
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