the most random layout ever.

i joined in over at the dare blog. the dare was to create a page using an old photo of you and decide if it's "hot or not". okay, this was fun! first of all, it was fun to look through old photos. second of all, it was fun to scrap an old photo. so much that i pulled quite a few of good, old photos of keith and i when we were kids, and i'm going to scrap them. i'm going to do very simple pages like this one. this is 8 1/2 x 11. i love this size. this is my first layout at this size. it's fun. and i don't feel quite as bad leaving so much space on it, cause it's smaller :) anyways, i thought that our kids would love to look at a book filled with pics of keith and i as kids. especially when they get older! i always love seeing pictures of my parents when they were kiddos. it's fun. anywho...i used my trusty old toilet paper roll on this one. dabbed the end in paint and made the circles with it. also, did some stitching. and i typed my journaling. i've officially decided that i'm a journaler typer. i know, i know...some people think that's awful, cause you're generations won't see "your" handwriting. but, yes they will. i plan on writing in each of my family albums...at least on one page...maybe a letter to my kids, or something. but there will at least be one page with my handwriting on it, so the kids can see it. i just think that typing looks so much nicer...and not to mention, i usually write soooo much more (not in this case). well friends...i'm off...have an amazing weekend! yippee for friday.