i'm back.

well, my best friends were in town this past weekend, so that explains my MIA...but, i'm back! i had a blast with them...we always love to talk about old stories from high school and college...and it's always funny. we like to crack ourselves up. the best part is that nobody else ever knows what we are talking about (i.e. our husbands.) they always just sit there, while we tell funny stories...and talk amongst themselves. oh well! it's always fun! here's a birthday gift i made for my friend, delia...this is her son...who is milo's age...i took a couple pictures of him one day, and thought this would be cute in his room. she loved it!

okay, and random, but i'm totally finding inspo from my sling package. isn't this cool? wouldn't it be a cool scrapbook page layout? hmmm...i may be busy working on this later!