scrapping goodness.

i was so excited to FINALLY get my paper trends magazine in the mail a few days ago...i was published in it 2 times! one with milo's birth announcement, and the other was our family wreath that i made a while back. it was exciting to see my babies in the mag!

along with 2 copies of the magazine, i also got a box stashed full of scrapping goodness :) this paper was one of the many pieces of patterned paper i got! oh my gosh...it's beautiful paper. i am not much of a patterned paper girl anymore, but i couldn't resist doing a layout with this baby. i made this for scrapmojo. they had you use a song title from juno. this was one of the titles...and i love saying dude (don't know why)...so, this was perfect for my choice.
okay, and on a side note...i finally saw juno this weekend while my girls were here! i know, i know, i'm like the last person on the planet who hasn't seen it. i fell in love with it, like everyone said i would. and the music.

have a fab day!