more etsy love.

i love etsy.
thanks to google reader, i no longer blog surf.
instead, i etsy surf.
and since i've been stuck in bed (see this post), i've etsy surfed quite a bit!
here's some goodies that i found today, just on the main page!
this bracelet...just friggin' beautiful.

this japanese print pillow...love it.

i am SUCH a fan of cute little clips for my hair.
if you know me, you know that i steal hadley's clips all the time and put them in my hair.
they are just so darn cute!
anyways...i found this lovelie.
isn't it a charm?

i'm done on the computer.
going to start reading a book now!
and oh yah...my WIP kit came in the mail today.
holy moley.
that's all i have to say.
pure gorgeous-ness.
have a great weekend friends!!