okay, so i just love this project i made...
the kids love anything and everything electronic (i.e. movies, computer games, their leapsters, t.v., you get the picture).
if allowed, they would sit and do those things all day...but they are not allowed.
and so, keith and i have been wanting to put together some sort of privilege thing...so that they are rewarded with these things for their good behavior.
so that they have to work for these things.
so, here ya go...
the kids privilege board.

i took a dry erase board that i picked up from wal-mart and painted brown around the edges...then i used all the leftover goodies from my WIP kit...and put this board together...i glued the scallop circles onto the magnets that came with the board.
so, when caedmon does something good, he gets to pick a privilege...same with hadley. they also can get them taken away. so, it's highly unlikely that they each get all 7 privileges in one day...if they did though...that would be a pretty easy day for me!
oh, and not that this matters, but the kids earn their privileges today, to use tomorrow. make sense?
anyways...all you mamas out there, i thought you would like to see this!
and i have to say that it's working thus far.
they think it's fun...earning their fun stuff. and then it really hits the heart when they have to take a privilege away...
so, yah...i love it!
all right friends...i'll probably be offline for the next few days...my parents and grandparents are coming into town!!
can't wait to visit with them!
and also...my little man, milo, turns 1 on sunday!
busy weekend!
have a great couple days!