a double pager.

hey hey friends.
a quick 2 pager for you...
(you can click on the picture to enlarge it).
i used a becky higgins sketch for this one...i'm normally not a huge fan of those sketches, cause they seem so plain to me, but i was able to add embellishments, where a photo would be, so i think that spruced it up a bit.

this was a fun night...me, keith, allyson and matt all went to the so you think you can dance tour last year!
holy moley.
it was so fun!
this was us being super goofy before the show.
i love these pictures.
anyways, we are still here and kicking...fay, is still here too. we have had non stop rain for 2 1/2 days...and last night starting at about 1:00, the rain just came down so hard...and it didn't stop until this morning, about 30 minutes ago.
i thought we were going to be blown or washed away.
some places have it so bad though...one place to the east of us has gotten at least 25 inches of rain!
can you believe that?
they are flooded big time, and the worst part...the snakes, alligators and wildlife are all coming up into the flood waters.
hopefully the rain stops soon!