might as well...jump.

remember that song?
looooved it.
anyways, the WIP kit this month is fab-u-lous.
and i realize i probably say that every month, but it seriously just gets better and better each time.
i am one lucky girl.
here's a mini i did with the fabulous schtuff.
if you keep up with my family blog, you may remember these jumping pictures we took on my bday last month.
i loved all the pictures, but didn't want to make like 3 layouts with them all, so i made it into a mini.
here ya go.

everything but the flower and white and chocolate card stock is from the kit (the other stuff is prima and prism).
well, i hope you are having a fabulous long weekend.
thanks to the people who "did it" on new years eve...so that we can have a "labor day" holiday 9 months later.
is that why we have this holiday?
probably not, but it's fun to think about it like that!