lucky me?

i know how lucky i am to be blessed with 3 children.
some people go their whole lives, wanting children, but not able to have them for whatever reasons.
but sometimes...i forget just what a blessing those kids are.
amidst all the bottom wiping, food cutting, dressing, toy-cleaning, breaking up fights, bottom wiping again, and usually breaking up fights again...i start to forget what a blessed life i live.
i know, everyone tells me "enjoy it now...it goes by so fast!"
cause why does my life feel like it's going by so slow?
someone once described being a stay-at-home mom as "never before have i ever been doing so much, but been so bored out of my mind."
so true.
so true.
i love those kids dearly.
and although i question my place as a stay-at-home mom sometimes...i know it's where God wants me.
i just need to be re-told this day after day after day...
(on a side-note, caedmon is chanting in his room "pump it up, pump it up, pump it up"--that makes me laugh, and makes my day a bit more bearable!)
where was i going with all of this?
i need to be reminded of how lucky i am.
so i made a mini using my work in progress kit...
lucky me.
i stick it in my purse and have a reminder of how God has given me those 3 kids.
life is rough sometimes with 3 children under the age of 4.
but that's all the life i know...so, i guess in a way, it's the right life for me.

the pictures aren't the cutest pics i have of those munchkins, but i know how cute they are, so that's all that matters :)
sorry for the whining.
it's just been a whiny kind of day.