tutus galore.

i've found a tutu!
not exactly like that picture, but none-the-less, i love it!
not only do i get a tutu, but we also get some fab leg warmers (which i'm obsessed with right now).
check out this lady's etsy shop
i ordered the red one :)
and those are the fabulous leg warmers we are getting as well.
somebody mentioned that i need to take a picture of hadley bean, in this attire...and no worries, that is exactly why i'm getting them
she will be 3 in just a few weeks, and this outfit is what i'm going to do her 3 year old portraits in!
can't wait!
i also ordered some leg warmers for hadley and milo here.
i'm quite obsessed with those.
i can't wait to see little milo man in them.
all right friends...
that's all i got.