CPS sketch #30

good monday morning everyone! how come the weekends always come and go so dang fast?? there is never enough time in the weekends to do everything that we want to do...what a bummer. we did get to finish painting our living room this weekend...that felt good to be able to cross that off of my list (i am so one of those people who makes lists, just so i can cross them off when i'm done...what a good feeling :) ) and we got to go to the old settlers day festival here in town...we went 3 times. the first time, i took all 3 kids by myself. yah, i had milo strapped in the snugli, and had the other 2 in a double stroller. i got major sympathy looks from everyone there. they were probably thinking "poor high school girl...doesn't she know what birth control is?" (cause everywhere i go, people think i'm in high school...not bad, cause i am 26!) it makes me laugh when people say "oh, you've got your hands full"...like i didn't already know that as i'm toting around 3 children under the age of 3 1/2. yes, i do have my hands full, thanks for pointing that out :)
anywho...did anybody watch saturday night live this weekend? okay, i have to say that that show has gone completely down hill, but this weekend, it was a rare, funny one! first of all, peyton manning was the guest, and can i just say that i love him!! seriously, he is my fave...and now i know how stinkin' funny he is too...he had me peeing my pants i was laughing so hard...(okay, okay, it doesn't take much for me to pee my pants these days...3 kids later) but he WAS that funny.
now, on to the card...here is a card i made for CPS (card positioning systems). i just found this site this weekend, and i love it! it has tons and tons of card sketches...card sketches really help me to get my creative juices flowing...and i am thankful for that!
well, have a great day and check back later because i'm going to be posting some blog candy for reaching 1,000 hits! i can't believe i've hit that already...(half of those hits are probably me :) )
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