popsicle party

oh, to be a kid again, and think that the best thing in life is to get to eat popsicles...ya know what i mean? i tell ya, everytime we have a "popsicle party" our kids go crazy...they think it's the biggest deal in the world...talk about easy to please :) i took these last week when it was blazing hot outside, so we got them naked and let them get super messy with the popsicles...as you can see, hadley chose the red flavor, and let's just say that her hand was stained until about 2 baths later. i couldn't resist posting the black and white picture of hadley...she just has the biggest, brown eyes i have ever seen...i'm jealous!! well, no creations today...i took a break, but will return tomorrow with something to post! have a great night! thanks for stopping by :)

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