i'm leaving...

this morning i woke up to the pitter patter of little feet in my room, and a big, yummy plate of french toast in front of me! apparently caedmon wanted to surprise me and make me some french toast for breakfast! so, keith got up with him and they made me the most delicious french toast i've ever had! what sweet boys i have!!
well, tomorrow is the morning...i take the craziest road trip of my life! i am feeling a little nervous tonight...i just want to make sure i get us there, and that i get us there safely! i'm not worried about the kids driving me crazy (they already do that!) or having to make lots of stops...i just want us to make it there safely...so, definitely say a prayer for the anderson crew! thanks...it is much appreciated! well, i'm trying to upload my scrapbook pictures and put them on blogger...and then save the drafts, that way i have pics to show you while i'm gone all week...but blogger has been acting so funny, so we'll see if that works...regardless, i will be checking in, and letting you all know how my trip is going! i will miss reading all of your blogs though!!!! (i'm sure i won't have time!)
here is a quick and simple card i made last week...i finally broke out my water coloring paper, and my aqua painters...it was much easier than i thought...and with that image, this card did not need much of anything else!
all right my blogging buddies...i am out! i will check in tomorrow!! have a great night!

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