lots of sleep!

i finally got lots of sleep last night! after we put the kids to bed, i decided that, instead of staying up and watching football with my husband, or working on some projects, i decided to go to bed...at 8:15! i haven't been to bed that early since before caedmon was born...i used to love going to bed at like 8:00 and sleeping all night, until 8 in the morn, but that doesn't happen much anymore! well, milo woke me up at 1 to eat, and then again at 6, but by 6:00, i was ready to get up, so i got to have a little time by myself this morning, which was much needed! i've started taking this stuff called 'mona vie'...heard of it? i like to call it a 'miracle juice'...for those of you who know what juice plus is, it's similar to that, only in a juice form, rather than a capsule, so it's immediately absorbed by your body...rather than making some of your organs break down a capsule. i've been taking it for only a few days, but i already feel so much more energized...it's really quite crazy. if you want more info on it, let me know...i don't feel like explaining it all to everyone, if you're not interested!! but it's really some good stuff!!
anyways, so, i drank my shot of mona vie this morning, and i'm ready for the day :)
here is a quick card i made this weekend...oh yah! my open house went really well! i had a lot more orders than expected! in fact, i sold more orders, than items that i had right there...which is great, cause now i have christmas presents already made :)
okay, take care sista's! i'm out of here!