well, looks like no mona vie juice for hadley bean! apparently she's allergic to something in it (imagine that...it's only filled with 19 berries...i'm being sarcastic...my kids are allergic to everything, so it's no surprise that this bothered her!) well, this picture was taken last night at about midnight...right after we got home from the emergency room...she went to bed with only a few hives on her (she had been having them since the morning, so i wasn't too concerned...not to mention that this family has dealt with hives on a number of occasions...but then she woke up at like 10, screaming, and we went in there and she had a swollen face pretty much...everything (lips, eyes, ears...they were all swollen with hives). of course i freaked out and rushed her away to the e.r. i was worried that she wasn't going to be able to breathe!! well, after waiting for an hour in the waiting room, we still had not been seen yet...hadley's swelling had gone down by this point and she was being a normal 2 year old...getting into everything, not sitting still, the usual...so, i left the hospital without even being seen. she ended up being fine...i could not wait any longer at that hospital...i was so tired, and she was touching everything...all i could think was "the germs that she must be getting" (my friends reading this know what a germ-a-phobe i am, so a hospital is horrible for me!!) we gave her benedryl (a staple in the anderson household...don't go anywhere without it) and she slept with us, and has been fine. the nature of hives is to cover the whole body, but at different times, so her legs could be completely covered and then that goes away and then it moves to a different part of her body...the process is usually about 2 or 3 days...poor hadley bean. this picture was after most of it went away...it was about twice that when i took her to the hospital. but thank goodness, everything turned out to be fine. we have scares like this all the time...thanks to my husband (love you keith), my kids have allergies to all sorts of things...the main ones being dairy, egg and peanut...yah, it's stressful...always worrying about what people are giving your kids...reading labels on everything...people start thinking your crazy, but i just have to do those things!
well, enjoy the pic...probably not what most of you wanted to see, but hey, this is what i have to stinkin' deal with!!!
later skaters!
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