pumpkin patch

~i will post pictures of the pumpkin patch tomorrow!~
well, sorry it's been a few days!! life has been busy! we got to go to the pumpkin patch on friday...keith took the day off and we headed over to deana rose farm. when we got there, the lichtenbergers were there too! so, the kids had fun playing together, and it was nice to have some people there to tag team the kids and help watch them...there were tons of kids there! we pulled up and there were like 10 school buses...we were not excited to see those there! well, we took the hayride out to the pumpkin patch...it was a very beautiful day, just a little chilly when the wind blew...i felt bad for milo cause i'm sure he was a little cold, but we wanted him out of the sling so we could take pictures and stuff...everything was going great until milo had a huge poop explosion...right on out of his diaper and up his back...and we had no extra outfit with us (it was all the way back at the car). doesn't this always seem to happen? well, keith took milo and rode the hayride back, and then headed to our car (all while holding milo far enough out so the poop doesn't get all over him!) and then i had to get 4 big pumpkins and 2 toddlers to the hayride and back to the farm. just a little stressful moment there :) thanks to james and jeanna though, otherwise i would have been a mess! afterwards, we all went and ate pizza. it was a lot of fun, and i know the kiddos loved hanging out with jesse and shelby...not to mention, we had fun hanging out with james and jeanna :) next year though, i'll be fine taking the kids to the local grocery store and sitting them in the pumpkins there and taking pictures...the patch was a little overwhelming this year. oh well!
well, then i spent friday afternoon getting ready for my overnight crop! it was so much fun (and i was so productive!!) i got about 10 pages done, and i feel great about them all. i will upload those pictures tomorrow and start showing you what i accomplished!
well, i am going to go spend some time with the hubby...i leave bright and early monday morning for fort collins! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
peace out!