modge podge

i had a chance to sit down during nap time yesterday and crank out some cards...it was nice to get some done! here is one that i made...i saw a tutorial on nichole heady's blog (see link on the right) and she used tissue paper and modge podge and made this beautiful card...mine is not as pretty as hers, but the technique is super simple. you just stamp on your paper...then modge podge the paper...then crumble up a piece of tissue paper...then flatten it out...then put it over your stamped paper...it gives it this really cool textured look to it, as you can kind of see in this picture...

well, i am getting stoked for this weekend, cause i am going to an overnight crop!! i will be gone from friday at 5 pm to saturday at 5 pm!!! i can't wait!! i'm hoping to get lots of done...not to mention my favorite girlfriends will be there, so it will just be a blast...we all get a little cooky when it's 2 in the morning and we're still up!! i hope to have some creations to post for you after the weekend!
well, keith is taking the day off tomorrow (YEAH!!!) and we are going to the pumpkin patch(another YEAH!!!). i love the pumpkin patch and so do my kids...we have had to count down the days this week cause caedmon is just so excited! i hope to get tons of good pictures so i can, of course, scrapbook them! (sigh, i'll never be caught up!)
and have i mentioned yet that i am going to colorado next week?? i'm driving with 3 children (my hubby is staying home) to fort collins, co. my best friend, hannah, lives out there, and it's been about 3 years since i've been out there to visit her, so i decided "what the heck" and am leaving monday morning...will be back friday night (or sooner if the trip is horrible!) so, yah, pray for me :) a 10 hour drive with 3 children...not to mention one of them is nursing...this should be interesting...i'm sure i'll have lots of stories. let's just hope the portable dvd player entertains caedmon and hadley most of the way!
well, have a great day...i'm out!
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