pumpkin time

i love waking up when it's still dark outside...weird, i know...most people want to crawl back into bed, but i think it's great! (not to say that i don't want to crawl back into bed though...dark or light outside, i always want to be in my bed!!) so, yah, i love fall...and this season change...but seriously, who doesn't?? there is nothing better than pumpkins...they are nature's coolest decoration! and we are FINALLY having fall weather...after 80* weather in october (that's unheard of!!) we finally are waking up to 50* weather, and high's in the low 70's...exciting! i can finally start wearing those sweaters that i've had out for about 4 weeks now!! and we get to go to the pumpkin patch next week! i love it...i'm so excited!

here is a quick card i made for my open house...i am making cards in packs of 5...hopefully they sell, but if not, all of you friends and family out there reading, know what you will be getting for christmas!!
have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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