sick kids, ugh.

well, i am at home with sick children AGAIN today! this is the 4th day in a row, that we have not done anything...i got us out of the house yesterday, but we can't go play anywhere or at anyone's house because i don't want to expose other kiddos to this crud. anywho, i am done being at home...and of course today is school day, and they both stayed home. i really wanted to send them to school, because they say they feel fine, but they still have snot and a cough. i have to think, would i want other kids there that were coughing like my kids??? no, not at all! so, they are at home with me again, ugh. i really needed this day to get all ready for my open house on saturday...i was planning on doing EVERYTHING today...now what do i do?? i'll figure something out. here is a quick card i made...i am loving the pomegranate-guava color combo! it's beautiful together! oh yah, turn up your volume cause i finally got music added to this blog! you can change songs and view the playlist (at the very bottom of my blog). later skaters!