quick page...

this page looks pretty boring right now, but once it is in milo's book, and sitting along with it's lay-out friend, it will look a lot better! i didn't post the other page with it, cause it has some pics of milo being born, and i figured you all didn't want to see that (especially you dad!). anyways, this brilliant idea came from allyson. the journaling pages will be milo's birth story, but there are actually 2 pages, and i bradded the top of them, so you will flip up the one, to reveal the other one, with the rest of his story on it (when i actually sit down and write it!). i LOVE this idea, cause you can fit the whole story, but it doesn't have to take up the whole page! i still had room for a pretty title on it :) all right, well i need to head up to bed! just wanted to post that real quick! thanks for looking :)

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