trick or treat!

well, like every other blogger out there who has kids, i too, will post pictures of what my kiddos dressed up as last night...enjoy :) caedmon and milo were pumpkins and hadley was a ku cheerleader...in honor of the ku jayhawks football team doing AMAZING right now! we had a busy day yesterday and went to my mom's work so she could see the kiddos...the 3rd picture is of caedmon pushing hadley on a cart around my mom's office...i'm sure everyone there was glad to see my crazy kids leave!
then last night for trick-or-treating, we went over to my dad's house...had pizza...then took caedmon and hadley trick-or-treating around their neighborhood. hadley was so funny! when anybody would open their door, she would walk right in, like they were inviting her over! and she didn't like anybody to pick out the candy for her...she wanted to pick it out herself and put it in her basket herself too. she's a hoot. caedmon was a little nervous to trick-or-treat...he saw the big kids dressed up as scary things, and he was a little bit afraid...how do you explain to a 3 year old about the scary things on halloween? yah...i don't know. but all in all, it was another fun year of trick-or-treating! i'm so glad to have kids to take out trick or treating, cause then i get like months of candy to eat! ha!
have a great day :)
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